Why Would You Want To Come To Pattaya?

Why would you want to come to Pattaya? In looking for inspiration for my next Article I decided to do some research on things to do around and about the Pattaya area. Some of these I have done myself in my 22 years of coming here as a tourist. Others never tickled my fancy so I gave them a miss. I also ask people I meet here, where they have been, and what they would recommend.

Why would you want to come to Pattaya?

On researching the internet, things like TripAdvisor and that Google thing, they provide you with a list like this.

  1. LadyBoy show. Over the years I have probably been to 3 shows, a good evening for a Tourist and I would probably suggest that you do it once. The quality is first class although it can be a little expensive. The 2 main ones in North Pattaya are Tiffany’s and Alcazar, further south on Threppasit Road there is the new impressive Coliseum. I will let you do your own research online to see what one is the best for you.
  1. The Sanctuary of Truth, an impressive wooden structure located in Naklua (The north end of Pattaya). In honesty I have never been, in speaking with my customers, they said the 500 Baht entrance fee was 450 Baht too much and would likely not go back.

3. Pattaya Floating Market. A manmade series of canals with non-flowing water, in which you can go round in a boat and stop at shops to buy the same things you can buy on Beach Road for cheaper prices.

4. Mini Siam, a look at some of the famous buildings in the World in miniature. Located on the Sukhumvit it offers a peaceful relaxing stroll around famous landmarks. Worth a couple of hours in an afternoon.

  1. Ripleys Believe It or Not, set in the Royal Garden Plaza Shopping Centre on Beach Road, there are various ticket options but there is some good entertainment to be had if it’s either a dull day or you caught too much sun the day before. The Haunted House was a favorite of mine and my children.

Further outside of Pattaya there are things like SriRacha Tiger Zoo, The Crocodile Farm (otherwise known as “The Million-Year Stone Park”. There are various Elephant based parks, All of these allow interactions with the animals. Where else in the world would you be able to cuddle a baby Tiger whilst you bottle feed it? I know that this type of thing is sometimes frowned upon, however, these experiences and memories stay with you and your family for a lifetime.

We also cater for Divers, those that want to dive with Sharks, Golfers, budding F1 drivers (Go-Karts), and not forgetting the Cartoon Network Waterpark, but come on, really, why have you come to Pattaya?

You can lie on a beach lounger all day, the warm sun shining down on you whilst the cool sea breeze dries your perspiration. You can be served local fresh Seafood, fruit, and drinks without ever moving a muscle. You want Thai food for lunch, 10 minutes later it appears. The offers of a massage tempt you to relax those flight weary muscles. If you’ve forgotten your sunglasses, don’t worry, someone will be along soon enough with the latest designer fashions to protect your sensitive eyes.

There will also be another 1001 things you never knew that you wanted or needed that will be offered to you, all at amazingly low prices.

Unlike Europe, hiring a sunbed in Pattaya costs around 50 Baht, compare that with the likes of Tenerife at over 10 Euros per day. Your beers, cost around 50 Baht, Sunglasses between 100 and 200 Baht. The more expensive ones are obviously designer models. Your massage between 200 & 300 Baht.

Finish your day off with a manicure and pedicure, again without lifting muscle. All of these things are possible in Thailand, and not just as a treat once per holiday, these things are affordable every day.

As the sun starts to set on your exhausting day, it’s time to get ready for the evening. Now depending on your situation, that can take a different form for each of you. My way (staying in a hotel at the time with family), was to have a few bottles in the room, then order up the ice bucket for 7 pm, nothing better than sharing a drink and experiences of the day with Family & Friends.

About 7.45 it’s time to head out. Get the Concierge to order you up a taxi or Baht Bus and head off to your favourite eating place. In Pattaya there is no shortage of fine dining restaurants, or just casual dining places, none of which will break the bank.

By 10 o’clock the end of the day has arrived for some, for others it’s just about to start as they hit the infamous Walking Street (that’s a article in it’s own right).

So whatever your reason for choosing Pattaya and Thailand as your destination, you can be assured of an action filled holiday at affordable prices.

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