Pattaya Travel Guide: Who has fun in Pattaya? Updated 2023

Pattaya attracts many visitors who long for natural beauty and recreation with time-limited. Pattaya has so much to offer, you will be catered by its various kinds of entertainment: theme and amusement parks, offbeat museums, and many other activities you can enjoy ceaselessly.

This Pattaya Travel Guide is a small intro into what Pattaya truly has to offer. We hope this short info guide helps in your decision in visiting Thailand’s Sin City!

During the nighttime, Pattaya is painted with colorful neon lights and vibrant rhythm in restaurants, clubs, bars, and local markets; all of this makes Pattaya’s nighttime very charming and lively.

Pattaya has undergone the rapid development that new industrial companies from other countries bound for this economically prosperous region, allowing thus the establishment of factories along with the community of expatriates working there.

The government also oversees the potential benefit in the eastern region and then initiated the big projects for industry and commerce, Laem Chabang and Map Ta Phut deep-sea ports are examples. With its high development, Pattaya was bestowed its status to be a special administrative unit at the same level as Bangkok; it has its own rights, its own mayor, and its own administration.

All in all, with its affluence in the economy together with its recreational activities offered, Pattaya is one of the most attractive international beach resorts where you can absorb the extraordinary experience. The best time to visit Pattaya is from November to April when the sun shines out and the weather is good. May through October is the rainy season.

What to do in Pattaya? – Pattaya Travel Guide

You will be absolutely overwhelmed with activities offered both on land and in the sea. Energetic people can choose from tennis, go-cart, squash, badminton, bowling, jogging, bungee jumping, and motor-racing. In addition, water sports are very popular, including windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, parasailing, game fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

pattaya travel guide
Pattaya Bay

Water sports

Windsurfing – Jomtien Beach is the premier center of windsurfing in Thailand. Everyone can try surfing because there is tuition for beginners. The Pattaya Windsurfing Club on Jomtien Beach regularly organizes competitions; October to June is the best period when the condition of water and wind is at its best.

Water Skiing – The most popular meeting points for water skiers are the northern and southern parts of Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, and Koh Lan.

Sailing – The most popular boats for hire are small Lasers, Prindle’s, and Hobie Cats which can be rented by the hour. Sailing is possible all year round in Pattaya. The Royal Varuna Yacht Club will give you details about sailing.

Fishing – You can enjoy a quiet afternoon fishing in local fishing parks. There are ponds and lakes well stocked with local fish where you can rent the equipment. If you prefer deep-water fishing, the waters around Manwichai, Rin, and Kram Islands near Phai Islands are ideal for catching marlin, king mackerel, and barracuda.

Many tour operators organize fishing trips; you can contact any of them which are often found around Pattaya.

Parasailing – There are many operators around the resorts and hotels. Koh Lan offers floating platforms where flights can be made above the sea.

On Land

Motor Racing – International motor and motorcycle racing is periodically held at the Bhira International Circuit. Local races regularly take place on Saturdays and Sundays.

Go-carts – You will have great fun. There are two types of tracks: the 400-700-meter track for anyone who would like to have fun, at Pattaya go-carts Speedway in the area of Mini Siam and the 90-meter-track for professional drivers at the Bhira International Circuit.

Horse Riding – This activity is available at the Horse Sports Center at kilometer 11 on Route 36. You will ride the horse through different terrains, mountains, and jungles. Riding lessons are also offered.

Different Areas in Pattaya – Pattaya Travel

Located 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, less than two-hour-drive, Pattaya stretches for some 15 kilometers along the Eastern Seaboard. Pattaya can be divided into five distinct sections, each with its own character and attractions.

Naklua: Its meaning is “salt field”, lying in the north of Pattaya. Despite the flow of industry and tourism, there is still the air of the ancient village of Nakleua today. Old wooden houses and narrow streets, traditional noodle shops, and working fishing boats can be seen. There are old houses over the creeks; along the streets, there is a line of small shops selling handicrafts and domestic goods, creating a rustic atmosphere and pleasant sight.

The Dolphin Roundabout: The roundabout and the beginning of the Beach Road mark the junction with North Pattaya, and you will find the dramatically changing surrounding. This area is packed with upscale hotels and restaurants facing the beach. There is a beautifully built promenade leading to the South Pattaya along the shore fringed with palm trees.

The back part of Pattaya, also known as Second Road which can be reached through any alleys teems with more major hotels, shopping areas, bars, clubs, and a tourist office.

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Boat in Pattaya Bay

Pattaya Klang or Central Pattaya: This area is funkier than the northern district. The hotels are not so grand, the restaurants are smaller. Bar-beers and some go-go bars add to its vibrant nightlife around here, however. Pattaya Police station and the immigration office are located here as well.

This is also the shopping area with two main shopping malls, the Royal Garden Plaza and Mike’s place. There are many small hotels and guesthouses which offer good accommodations and Western and Thai foods.

South Pattaya Road: This area is now known as Walking Street which is the pedestrians’ only zone recently developed in Pattaya. Visitors are allowed to browse the endless of small shops selling fast tailoring services, sports goods, jewelry, and souvenirs. Like the other areas, bars, seafood restaurants line the street; several of them are built out over the ocean, offering a pleasing atmosphere.

South Pattaya seems to be busier and brasher than the remainder of the city. You can walk until reaching the Siam Bayshore Hotel and Arthachinda which mark the boundary of South Pattaya.

Jomtien District: The district is separated from the other sections of Pattaya by the hill rising to the back of South Pattaya. This six-kilometer-long- beach is thus relatively quiet and secluded. Jomtien beach is popular as the best site for windsurfing due to brisk and fresh breezes from the Thai Gulf, allowing the great conditions of water and wind.

As the seas here are less clustered with boats than in Pattaya Bay, various kinds of water sports are really enjoyable. Sunrise and sunset views on the beach are also spectacular. Beachside hotels, bungalows, condominiums, and restaurants are all available.

Dining in Pattaya

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Pork Skewers

May it be your hotel restaurant or ‘just’ selecting a great restaurant by going for a stroll, Pattaya has some superb places to dine out. There is a great variety of different types of food to be found in Pattaya. Whatever you feel like eating, Italian or Swiss or Thai, after all the Thai Cuisine is world-renowned, you will find it all in Pattaya.

Whatever your tastes, we’re sure that there is something for you. Pattaya has a large variety of restaurants crammed into a small area making it easy to choose. But if you’re really hankering for some good old fast food then don’t worry. McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken are here as well.

Don’t forget Street Food! Pattaya offers an array of amazing street food vendors located throughout the city. Just stroll towards the tourist areas and your bound to find something tasty and hot just around the next corner.

Pattaya Entertainment & NightlifePattaya Travel

Pattaya’s nightlife is fantastic and has everything. Pattaya’s nightlife scene is unique to the world and shouldn’t be underestimated. Many Pattaya hotels feature great restaurants, but for dining out there is a huge choice of Thai and Western restaurants throughout the city, ranging from the top end of the market through to budget eateries. Seafood restaurants, with their catch laid out on ice trays and often with live fish and shellfish in tanks, are everywhere.

With sizeable South Asian and Arabic communities, there are some very authentic restaurants in Pattaya with these cuisines, and there are many other nationalities represented including Russian, Japanese, and Korean. Beer bars and a-go-go bars form a highly visible element of Pattaya’s nightlife, usually close to all major Pattaya hotels, these venues scattered throughout the city catering for straight and gay clientele. 

The three sois of Pattayaland form a major bar district and nightlife area, as do Soi 2, Soi 7, Soi 8, Soi Yodsak, Soi Yamoto, Soi Post Office, Sunee Plaza, Second Road around Soi 9, & Naklua Rd. 

South Pattaya’s Walking Street, close to all Pattaya hotels, revolves around bars and restaurants. Similarly, there is a large number of massage parlors offering extra services beyond a tone-up for straight and gay clients. There are plenty of lively discos with dancing ’til dawn. 

Pattaya is also famous for its cabaret shows, particularly the transvestite revues which redefine all perceptions of male and female, but which nonetheless offer family entertainment. 

Karaoke and piano bars abound, and there are plenty of pubs offering darts, snooker, and other games. 

Above all perhaps, there are people watching. Pattaya is a great place to leave your hotel to stroll in the evening, just watching all the activity going on before settling into a comfortable seat for that well deserved first drink and a perusal of the menu of your choice.

Pattaya Travel Guide: Conclusion

Pattaya can be as wild or as tame as you make it. It really does have something for everyone as a tourist, be it from near or far. If you’re wanting more specific knowledge about Pattaya, check out Pattaya Unlimited for more in-depth information about Thailand’s Sincity!

You can also check out our Booking Page to see what a trip to Thailand is costing currently!

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