Girlie Bars – Where To Find Girly Bars in Thailand

What are Girlie Bars and where to find them? Thai Girly bars can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Travelers from around the world visit Thailand just to enjoy a few nights in the world’s wildest Red Light scene.

There are Beer bars, Pubs, Gogo bars, Fetish Bars, Nightclubs, Blowjob Bars, Sports bars, Restaurant bars, Hotel bars, hostel bars, Salon Bars, Muay Thai Bars, Cabana bars, massage bars, music bars, and probably about 20 other styles of bars in Thailand that have Thai hookers on offer.

These all could be classified as Girlie Bars at one time or another depending if there are women for hire on staff or if the venue encourages freelance Thai prostitutes to hang around for the benefit of the customer.

Where To Find Girlie Bars

They can be found in most tourist zones in Thailand from Chiang Mai in the north to Phuket way down south. Girly bars have a tendency to pop up almost anywhere there are foreigners around.

Although prostitution is illegal in Thailand, Thais have quite a liberal mindset towards it and you can find sex, companionship, or a quick jerk and suck for sale all over.

Most girlie bars are easy to spot and will have suggestive names or provocative signage and oftentimes multiple scantily clad young, hot Thai girls seductively beckoning you in from the street.

Down on Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island, there is a bar called The Sexy Sex Bar and it’s part Cabana Bar and part Thai-style open-air beer bar.

The main focus of the name is good ole fashion Sexy Fun if you couldn’t tell.

If it’s not the name that lets you know what the bar is about, it will be the sexy bartender girls slinging hard drinks and the freelancer girls walking around grabbing your cock letting you know how much of a handsome man you are.

Girlie bars are great places to meet women obviously but they are also perfect for meeting other tourists/travelers to party with for the evening or to continue traveling with.

Most tourist islands in Thailand have many girly bars that will accommodate you and all your friends. There’s a constant supply of farm fresh Isaan girls coming from the north to make money in different redlight occupations during the high season.

How do Girlie Bars work?

Depending on where you’re located in Thailand the bar scenes can vary considerably but the basics of how to pick up Thai women from a Girly bar for sex stay about the same.

First, we’ll talk about bars that employ staff to entertain the customers and also if propositioned have the option of leaving the bar with the customer for companionship or sex.

Girlie bars employ girls whose main job is to sell a horny customer drinks and to get the horny customer to buy her drinks called a “Lady Drink“.

A Lady Drink is a special drink with a slightly inflated price you buy from the bar to give to the bar girl that you want to have a conversation with.

This conversation can be about anything and will last as long as you keep buying drinks but usually consists of what and how much her services cost.

If you decide to take the girl from the bar for sex you first need to pay a “Bar Fine” so the bar will let her leave work to spend time with you.

thai girly bars

How it works is you’ll pay the “Bar Fine” anywhere from 400 baht and up to the bar in exchange for the bar girl’s time.

She’s basically a liquor saleswoman for the bar and when you take her away from the bar to fuck her, that costs the bar money, hence the “Bar Fine“.

You’ll pay the girl for her services separately either before or after you “spend time” with her… This is a whole other fee separate from the “Bar Fine“.

Girlie bars can get expensive. Especially in Bangkok and Phuket. I prefer Pattaya for my Red Light nightlife. Girls are wilder and prices are a little less than in the other tourist cities.

Thai Girly Bars with Freelancers

Girlie bars with freelancers are a whole different beast than bars that employ working girls. Freelancers by definition work for themselves and visit the bars looking for tourists to fuck for money.

Hooking up with freelance Thai girls has its advantages and disadvantages. Many girls go Freelance because they can stay anonymous and if they are ambitious enough could make way more than working in the bar.

It really depends on how she looks and how well she can market herself if she’s just a freelance bar girl or a high-class Thai escort.

Depending what types of clubs and Girlie bars you visit will determine what class and style of working girls you encounter.

Some guys won’t fuck freelancers because of stories of girls drugging and robbing the guys after a night of alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Most mongers I know stick to “Bar Fines” because if something goes wrong with your date you can take it up with the club that you “Bar Fined” her from. Kind of like having a receipt for goods purchased.

Is Pattaya the best for Girlie Bars?

pattaya city

Pattaya is the ultimate Red Light district. Pattaya has more girly bars per square kilometer than probably any town in the entire world.


There’s really no way to count them all as new ones pop up nearly every day.

It’s a monger mecca and should be experienced by anyone interested in young sexy Thai women who are available for pay-for-play action.

One walk down Soi 6 or Walking Street after dark and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Pattaya knows how to party and if you’re looking for a beach holiday vacation with literally well over a thousand girls on offer any night of the week then Pattaya is your holiday destination.

I won’t talk too much more about Pattaya today but be sure to check more out about Pattaya at our Pattaya Travel Guides section here.

I understand the bar scene isn’t for everyone who visits Thailand and sometimes putting up with trying to meet real Thai girls for sex on other dating apps can be a pain in the ass.

If cruising the bar scene for sex or companionship isn’t your thing you could always head on over to Smooci and check out the amazing selection of Thai Escorts who will come right to your door and fulfill all your fantasies.

Hiring an escort in Thailand is safe, discreet, and a thrill. Give it a shot today!

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