How To Meet Thai Women: Tips and Tricks to meet Thai Women

Many men fantasize about these sensual beauties from the East and want to meet them. Do you want to meet Thai women?

Then surely, you will be delighted to find here my tips and tricks to meet Thai women. Avoid scams, meet new people, and easily seduce a pretty Thai girl!

All about Thai women

Thai women are special, even in Asia. They are considered to be more liberated, less shy, and much sexier than most of the women you will meet in Asia.

The reason is simple: a Catholic country has never occupied Thailand. Therefore, morality is not subject to the same character that we know it, especially when it comes to sex. As a result, Thailand is often compared to a paradise for sex tourism. 

Partly true, this statement should not be generalized to all Thai women! 

If you run into a Thai in a dance bar, she’ll be interested in your money! But normal Thai women are not limited to this.

I lived for several years in Thailand, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai, with Sumalee, a pretty Thai girl I met on a dating site. With her, I got to know character traits that I didn’t suspect in a woman! My other relationships with Thai women have confirmed all of this:

Here are some characteristics that you will sometimes notice with most Thai women:

  • a Thai woman is totally simple in bed. Even the most experienced of you will be amazed by the excitement and positions presented to you!
  • The Thai people are jealous, very jealous! Expect a few intense brawls if you let other girls’ eyes wander … and in Thailand, it’s hard to do otherwise!
  • They are quite expensive. Few of them have known wealth and tend to enjoy life! If you want to please them, take them shopping, and you will delight them!
  • When a Thai woman is in a relationship, she will treat her partner with love and respect. It will become a real little angel, smiling and loving.

By having a relationship with a Thai woman, you will discover another form of relationship. The serious stories that I have had with Thais are among the most intense of my life, and I hope you can find them quickly.

How to meet a Thai woman

Here are several things to know about meeting a Thai woman. There are several possibilities of meeting a Thai woman in the US, but especially for a Thailand stay. Whether it’s for your vacation or a long expatriation, here are the best ways to meet a beautiful Thai woman.

thai lady bath

Most Popular Thai Dating Sites

If you want to increase your contacts, nothing prevents you from trying these site!

Thai girls, like their European counterparts, are addicted to their smartphones. Still, with the phone in hand, many of them are actually on the list of Thai dating sites looking for Prince Charming, preferably a handsome Westerner! 

So I think it is the most effective method. Most of my expert friends have met his girlfriend on the sites below:

ThaïCupid – This site was recommended to me by a friend of mine on the site. Specific for the Thai date, it allows you to get very good results and make serious encounters or find sex plans…. I advise fans!

There are registered users in US or Thailand, and the profiles are serious. ThaïCupid is part of the Cupid Media agency that runs many Asian dating sites, and the quality of this platform is unproven.

ThaiFriendly – They claim to be the most popular dating app used to meet Thai Girls in Thailand.

Boasting 1,000 new profiles of eligible women daily. It’s quite a user-friendly app and you will find Thai girls or ladyboys to talk to almost instantly.

The app is quick and easy to set up and you’ll be chatting and making dates with that special Thai girl before you know it!

AsianDating: it is the reference of the Thai date (and Asian in general).

This Thai dating site offers its users a site with multiple features. Like a social network, you can create a community of virtual friends to chat, exchange messages, and comment on the different photos or statuses posted online. Thai women love this site!

Thai girls are very sociable once the ice is broken. Use these apps to get your foot in the door and meet a nice and cute Thai girl today!

The pitfalls of Thai dating sites:

As already mentioned, some girls are more relaxed than others in Thailand and have sex as a profession. On the sites, you will see very attractive profiles, very sexy.

When you get in touch with such a girl, don’t expect to find true love! They are looking for men to pay for them, not husbands! But that doesn’t stop you from having a little fun …

Another recommendation to avoid unpleasant surprises. In Thailand, you will meet many Ladyboys, men who have turned into women. They are also very present on Thai dating sites, so keep your eyes open, so you are not surprised at the fateful moment.

It happened to a friend of mine. We laughed a lot about it today, but he wasn’t happy when it happened to him.

When you are in Thailand, especially in big cities and tourist places, you have many ways to meet Thai women. The simplest? At night, in the countless bars and clubs of Thailand!

You will find two types of women: Thai women who want to have a good time, and who can usually flirt and girls looking for a man for the night or a few days, which can cost you a few baht…. You should know that Thailand in general and Bangkok, in particular, are places of perdition and that the beauties that live there will make your head spin quickly!

If you want to meet Thai women, choose, in Bangkok, Khao San Road’s streets and its surroundings and the Sukhumvit Road.

In everyday life, in US and Thailand?

It is not easy to meet Thai women in everyday life. In the US, you can meet some in bars, in your workplace, or your gym, but it is a community that is not very present here. However, there are 100% Thai evenings, which are announced on local radios and published on local newspapers and social media. Quite hot, this type of event is a good opportunity to meet Thai women in the US..

In Thailand, language that can complicate the appointment. To do this, speaking a little English is very important, but even with that, girls who meet randomly on the street or in stores are generally not comfortable with Shakespeare’s language. 

On the other hand, if you can put in some Thai expressions and make them laugh, they will be happy to follow you for coffee! I prefer dating sites, but I often try my luck with a waitress or bartender, and in half the cases, it’s worth it!

thai girl umbrella
Thai Girl Walking

How to seduce a Thai woman

You know where and how to meet a Thai woman, and even if some of them come to you, you will have to seduce your potential new partner more often. Here is what you need to know to win the heart of a Thai woman.

Learn about Thai culture, discuss and exchange the values ​​of the country. A Thai woman will be seduced by a man interested in her country. You will need to speak English, and I recommend everyone try to learn a few words of Thai! If writing is very complicated, speaking is much easier than you think.

Thai women are very popular, especially among Westerners. You have to stand out from the crowd! So don’t say you want to settle down with a Thai girl. Instead, say that you are visiting the country and would like to discover the culture with a local. There are many French people in Thailand, and not all of them are very respectful of women. All you have to do is be a true gentleman, and you will see that your seduction will work easily! 

Take care of your look, and feel free to spend a few baht in her company.

Finally, this is a very important tip, do not be afraid to propose the last drink in your room, and quickly too. Thai women don’t have the taboos of Western girls, and sex is nothing more than a shared pleasure.

Now you are ready to meet a Thai woman! You will have a lot of fun with these beautiful Asian girls, so enjoy it!

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