How To Ride the Baht Bus In Pattaya

Pattaya is not a huge city but it is large enough that walking all around the city is not always practical.

Learning about How to ride the baht bus in Pattaya before you get here can save a little awkwardness and embarrassment if you just follow our handy guide.

After all, you are in the tropics and if it isn’t pissing down rain, it can be extremely hot and humid, so walking a good distance could make you feel like you just endured a monsoonal shower.

Therefore you need to become familiar with the Baht bus and how it works. This is the best and cheapest way to get around Pattaya, Thailand.

The Baht bus or Songthaew (Thai language) can be seen all over the city.

They are the blue pickup trucks that have been modified and have two benches (as well as a roof) in the back to haul passengers around the city.

Where Does The Baht Bus Go?

Many of the Baht buses take a circular route around the most popular part of the city.

It goes South on Beach Rd., turns left in front of Walking Street, turns left again, and heads North on Pattaya 2 Rd until it hits the roundabout at Pattaya North Rd. and repeats the loop over again.

Here’s an awesome Interactive Google Map that shows all of Pattaya’s Baht bus routes and many points of interest that tourists usually want to see while visiting Pattaya.

Make sure to open the menu on the left to see the list of routes and points of interest.

How Much Does a Baht Bus Cost and How Do I Catch It?

It only costs 10 Baht anywhere along this route so it is a very inexpensive way to get from bar to bar, or wherever you want to go.

If you want to catch the Baht bus, all you have to do is simply wave your hand when one is approaching you, they will pull over and you just jump in the back of the bus, and off you go.

When you reach your destination, just ring one of the many buzzers that are located on the ceiling of the roof. Hop off and walk around the passenger side of the truck and hand the driver your money.

There is really no need to ever communicate with the driver.

If you approach a Baht bus that is parked, and the driver is waiting outside of the vehicle, he will try and negotiate a higher price than the 10 Baht fee I mentioned previously.

That is because they are used as private vehicles as well in the same fashion that a taxi is used, you simply tell them your destination and they will take you there…for a price of course.

These can be seen every night just in front of Walking Street near Pattaya 2 Rd.

Want To Hire a Baht Bus?

If you want to take a Baht bus as a private vehicle, make sure to negotiate. Some drivers may try and jack the price up sky-high hoping you are drunk and stupid enough to pay it.

where does the baht bus go

Usually, they start at 100 Baht to get you anywhere within Pattaya, some may start much higher hoping you’re dumb enough to pay a ridiculous price.

Don’t do it! You may be able to negotiate them down to about 50 Baht or so, but usually, they want at least 100.

Other busses are parked in the same area (Pattaya 2 Rd. and Walking Street area) at night and wait for the bus to fill up and off you go and they will only charge 10 Baht.

If you take the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya, there will be Baht buses waiting at the bus station. They will also wait until the bus is full and then take you into town.

It is usually 20 Baht to get to most places in Pattaya from the bus station. If you are heading out of Pattaya via the bus, simply catch a Baht bus to the roundabout at Pattaya North Rd.

You will have to transfer to another Baht bus that is usually parked (on Pattaya North Rd.) and head east to the bus station.

There will be two fees, so this will generally cost you 20 Baht to get back to the bus station from most places in Pattaya.

How To Ride The Baht Bus In Pattaya

This mode of transportation makes it easy to get around the city and see all the places you want on your trip to the Sin City of the East.

It’s especially helpful late-night after you are done cruising the bars and hopping on the back of a motorbike taxi seems like climbing Mount Everest at that moment.

Only then will some understand the usefulness of the Baht Bus.

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