Massage In Thailand – A HANDY and Informative Thai Massage Guide – Updated 2023

Nearly everyone has heard of the exceptional treatment that is received during a massage in Thailand. From traditional Thai massages to those that are a little more thorough and satisfying, these masseuses have a gift. These spas are definitely worth the visit to receive an experience that is well worth every penny spent.

Old Thai Massage

While it is assumed that spas only provide massages in Bangkok that offer sexual connotations, this is not completely true. The old Thai massage is one that is based on ancient methods and yoga postures that help the body to regain vigor that has been lost through the years.

Even if you are only going to Bangkok to hang out at beer bars and Go Go clubs, you should still find the time for one of these healing sessions. The person giving the massage uses thumb pressure and gentle rocking gestures to rhythmically place your body into a state of total relaxation. These massages in Bangkok will require you to change into clothes that are very loose and then you will be instructed to lie on a mattress that is on the floor.

This traditional old Thai massage does not use any oil at all, it is completely dry. There are about 10 variations and an abundance of difference exercises to expect with these and some will even include acupressure. A full body massage such as this takes about two hours and typically costs 300 to 500 Baht and no trip to Bangkok is complete without one.

The Dirty Massage

Now, after you’ve enjoyed a massage of tradition, surely you’ll want to experience one of the massages in Thailand that have really sparked your attention. The famed parlors in Thailand are significantly different than western counterparts because here you can expect a whole lot more than your typical massage. Here, you can anticipate your senses being enhanced with a generous amount of stimulating action.

Upon arriving at one of these parlors, you are greeted with an assortment of girls who range from cute to sexy so you can choose one that you find most appealing. The girls interact quite freely and you are escorted to a private room by them. The rooms provide loose fitting clothes and a beautiful ambiance so you can immediately feel relaxed.

thai massage
Thai Massage on Beach

With the help of soapy scrubs and aromatic oils, you are sure to experience heavenly sensuous delights. These girls are professionals and know what to do to ensure that your experience with massages in Bangkok is an unforgettable one.

Depending on the parlor that you choose, prices can range from 1,500 up to 8,000 Baht. Avoid a dingy or extra cheap place just to save a few bucks or the experience will be ruined. Also, don’t rush through the process, take as much time as you need to select the right parlor and girl!

Helpful Information

When you enter a massage parlor, you will be provided with a menu of programs to read over and choose from. Then you are brought to a lounge to look at the girls who sit behind a glass window. You are not obligated to pick one if none are to your liking however, usually you’ll find that the problem is trying to only pick one. Since this is a common dilemma, it is totally acceptable to choose two girls.

During your decision process, there is always a manager available to answer questions you have about the girls and the services. You will notice many girls have letters in front of their designated number, this is a ranking system that they are given based on their experience and looks.

Girls without a letter are called Tammada which means normal or nothing special. A letter M typically means model but most parlors have their own ranking system so you’re best to go ahead and ask. These types of massages in Bangkok are mainly found on Ratchadaphisek Road and they are usually easily recognized by pictures of girls on the outside.

What is a Thai Massage

If you are asking, “What is a Thai massage?” There are actually many variations; some finish with an extra happy ending, others do not. Thailand is known for its clear skies, beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests and an abundance of girls who have the ability to give the best massages you will ever get in your life.

Where to Find Them

Massage parlors of any type are all over Thailand. However, if you want the biggest selection with the most girls who offer full service, you will look for them in high tourist areas. Anywhere you find bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and shopping, you will also find Asian massage parlors. Locating them is never the problem, choosing which type of massage to get can be challenging. Do you want a true massage or a more intimate experience? This is something you need to decide first.

Soapy Massage

A large majority of people asking, “What is a Thai massage?” are wondering about the soapy ones. After all, these are the most popular and some of the most pleasurable ones. They are certainly thorough.

This variety will typically cost between 1500 and 3000 baht to start and then there will be an additional charge for any extra services you want. When people use the term happy ending massage, this is what they are typically talking about.

You choose a girl out of a large group and she escorts you to a room that generally has a bed, rubber mattress, bathtub and television. Sometimes there’s also a shower and a music center too. She will massage you with her body using lots of soap, give you a bath and perform any extras. Always remember to factor in a tip!


Don’t panic, this is just a fancy term for a foot massage! This has become very popular in Thailand for both men and women to enjoy and these girls do a phenomenal job! Touring Thailand takes a lot of walking; don’t your feet deserve to be pampered as much as the rest of you?

Reflexology involves applying herbs and pulling, stretching and pushing on the feet and legs up to your knees. Your feet actually house nerves that affect the rest of your body and a skilled person will know which places to touch on the feet to stimulate a body part.

Oil Massage

Many people asking, “What is a Thai massage?” are hoping that the answer involves oil and Thai sex. Well, you should know that there are some clean oil massages and then there are also erotic ones, which are generally easiest to find. A basic one will start around 300 baht and then like anything else in Thailand, services are extra.

Traditional Thai Massage

You don’t have to be interested in sex or even any extra services to thoroughly feel refreshed from a traditional Thai massage. Sometimes it is nice to just relax and feel good without all the extras! After all, you have to recuperate from all the nightly activities sometimes, right?

A traditional massage is done on a mattress, reclined mat or a raised platform of some type. It involves twisting and stretching your body to loosen up all the kinks, relax the muscles and relieve stress. When done correctly, this is even good for your health!

what is a thai massage
Thai Massage Shop

Prices start at 200 baht but nice spas will be a lot more and the massage lasts around an hour, sometimes longer. Even though you are not paying for extra services and these girls are generally not prostitutes, a tip is still expected.

If you are asking, “What is a Thai massage?” why not make a point to enjoy them all? This way, when some else asks you, you can offer a first-hand, honest opinion.

What is a Thai Oil Massage?

An oil massage means something different to everyone. It could be something as innocent as being rubbed down with beneficial oils that are good for your skin or it could be a process much dirtier, followed by a few extra services. Wherever your travels take you in Thailand, you will find parlors that specialize in both methods. You just really want to make sure you are in the right place if you are looking for something a little more thorough.

Getting Started

If you have ever had a soapy massage in Phuket, Bangkok or Patong Beach, you are familiar with the whole fishbowl concept. This is where you go into a parlor and there’s a large assortment of girls sitting behind a glass window and you choose the one you want. Getting an oil massage is a bit different. You may find some places that offer an array of services still use the fishbowl concept but establishments however, those that only offer oil varieties generally keep their girls easy accessible.

Rather than wearing gowns with their makeup and hair all done up, these workers are generally in a neat uniform (sometimes even a polo shirt) and they often sit outside by the door. They are famous for hollering, “Massage! Massage!” as you walk by to try to entice you in for an unforgettable experience.

In the Room

The rooms are rarely glamorous; some have nothing more than an inflatable mat on the floor. You are not required to get completely naked if you are shy or you can simply drape a towel over your private areas but you don’t have anything that she’s never seen.

Some places have a locker for you to put your stuff in or you’ll get a clothes hanger. Other times, you will simply roll your clothes up and have them on the floor with you.

You’ll begin lying face down and most girls will ask if you prefer soft, medium or hard. Don’t feel as though you have to say hard to seem macho. These cute Thai girls are a lot stronger than they look! You may not enjoy yourself if you are being kneaded and pummeled with so much force. If it’s too hard or too soft, don’t be afraid to tell her.

A Little Something Extra

Even if you go into your oil massage with the intention of simply getting a good rub down, these girls are very talented with their hands. Although you are free to finish with your massage, offer a tip and leave, you will likely find this hard to do.

soapy massage
Massage In Thailand

You will tell her what you want, she will tell you a price and you will pay her in her hand, not out in front of her supervisor. This is her money! You pay for the massage upfront, you pay for services in the room, and don’t forget the tip! Whether you get extra services or not, a tip is expected.

Massages in Phuket

Massages in Phuket are well-known around the world., not just the sexual ones either. A traditional Thai massage is both relaxing and healthy and considered a type of therapeutic healer based on ancient medicine. Massage spas and parlors that provide Thai, oil, foot ad herbal massages can be found in abundance everywhere.

Prices vary but Thai or foot massages will cost about 200 Baht per hour, while an oil massage starts at 300 Baht per hour and goes up from there. Two-hour sessions are always recommended with any type of massages in Phuket to really receive all of the benefits.

It should be noted that a traditional Thai massage is considered a therapeutic practice and should never be confused with a body massage (soapy massage) that is characterized as an erotic event with lots of soapy water to provide relaxation and a happy ending.

Soapy Massages In Phuket

Full body massages in Phuket are known best as soapy massages. The soapy term often just refers to the body-to-body action so all the parts of your masseuse’s body massages you, not just her hands or elbows. Soapy means that your full body is massaged in a round of solid physical activity on a mattress.

You will know when you enter one of these types of parlors in Phuket because they will be dimly-lit and you will find yourself facing a glass front where the ladies sit with numbered badges attached to their dresses. The manager is attentive and will help you pick out the right girl and when you decide on a number, she will come to join you.

After you decide on the girl that you want, she will escort you to an air-conditioned private room and in some places, you may even have your own bathroom. A complete session typically lasts 90 minutes with prices ranging from 1,600 Baht up to 2,500 Baht. Larger parlors will have papasans or mamasans available to help with translation and let you know how much to tip.

Dirty Oil Massage – Phuket

There are quite a few establishments where you can get oil massages in Phuket. If a more kinky experience is the kind of service you are looking for, an oil massage is the right choice for you. Interestingly, if a bar girl offers you an oil massage, she is usually referring to a bit of hand relief.

These massages in Phuket are a little less private. Most parlors featuring these services don’t even provide private rooms. Typically, only a curtain or a thin wall stands between you and the guy in the next bed over so if you’re shy, you’ll want to go for one of the more traditional parlors however, if you are looking for a bargain, these services usually will cost you well under 500 Baht.

Where to get a Soapy Massage in Phuket

There’s a good chance that you have already heard that if you get a soapy massage in Phuket, it will likely be one of the best experiences of your life. Yes, as the name suggests, there certainly is soap involved! It’s wet and messy and just completely delightful. Although there are three top recommended establishments to go to, there are also companies that will send a girl to your hotel room as well. Although, these tend to not be as sloppy if she’s worried about getting the carpet wet.

First Impression

When you walk into one of these venues, it looks a lot like other Asian massage parlors. You typically enter and walk into a lobby or climb a set of stairs to get to a bar area. You will find tables with chairs and sometimes even couches where you can enjoy a drink or two and relax a bit. No point rushing into anything, especially if you are nervous, shy or overly-anxious.

Most places where you get a soapy massage in Phuket will have what is called a fishbowl. This is a huge glass window where a number of girls sit, all wearing a number. Sometimes they simply sit there in gowns and smile, other places are more laid back where the girls are watching television, playing games or just chatting with others. It should be noted that there are some places to get a body to body massage in Thailand where you pick the girl out of a magazine but most Phuket establishments stick with the fishbowl method.

massages in Phuket
Full Body Massage In Thailand

Now, if this is your first experience, you can prepare to feel like it is Christmas time and there’s an abundance of shiny presents under the tree. You can have any present you want! Of course, deciding becomes the difficult task! Take your time choosing the girl you want. If one doesn’t just jump right out at you, feel free to go to another establishment. There are enough places where you can go get a soapy massage in Phuket that you can be picky.

You will find that there is also at least one supervisor working that is there to assist you. If you have a question about one of the girls or you are looking for a particular quality, feel free to ask. They will help you find your perfect match.

What to Expect

After you pick out of all the beautiful Thai girls, you will pay and then that girl will escort you to her room. These usually have a bed, sunken bath, television, and music center. She will run the bathwater, ask you to undress, and then she will likely do the same.

If your room has a rubber mattress, she may start massaging you with her body or she may give you a bath first. It really depends on the girl, the parlor, and the layout. Now, the massage could end here with a nice shower to rinse away all the suds or you may choose to pay for extras. Nearly all of these girls will provide extras. All you have to do is ask and pay and then don’t forget the tip when you’re done!

Getting The Best Massage In Thailand

These basics of Thai massage hold true for most major cities and tourist destinations throughout Thailand. No matter if you’re visiting Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, or Chiang Mai, you’ll have ample massage opportunities and you should most definitely take advantage of the quality and affordability of the Thai massage services offered.

What else sounds better than a whole body oil massage after a 14 or even 24 hour flight? Not much is better, trust me!

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