Family Travel in Bangkok- What You Should Know For Successful Travel In 2023

Family Travel in Bangkok can have its ups and downs and can be quite an overwhelming experience if not prepared. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help guide you through what some might describe as an extreme way to travel, especially in Thailand. Let’s get you up to speed!

The Kingdom of Thailand is at the heart of Southeast Asia. It is bound by Burma and Laos to the north, Cambodia in the east, Malaysia in the south, and the Andaman Sea to the west. It is currently ruled by a constitutional monarchy, led by King Maha Vajiralongkorn; he is the son of the world’s longest-reigning monarch King Bhumibol Adulyadejof the House of Chakri and his reign was the longest in the history of Thailand.

The King of Thailand is considered the “Head of State”, “Upholder of Buddhism”, “Defender of all Faiths” and “Head of Armed Forces”.

By international standards, Thailand is one of the 50 largest countries in the world and ranks
21st in the “Most Populated Country” category, with more than 69.8 million people. The country
is home to a majority of ethnic Thais, with some Chinese (14%) and Malay groups (3%). The
language is known as “Thai” and the main religion is Buddhism.

The economic development of the country owes much to its tourist industry, especially in Bangkok, the capital city, and the Central Thai cities of Ayutthaya, Pattaya, and Kanchanaburi.

Thailand Travel Essentials – Family Vacation In Thailand

thailand travel essentials
  • Just like most of your travels, always plan ahead. Book flights and hotels in advance. The months from January up to the end of April are flooded with tourists so you may want to find an ideal place to stay before you arrive. Also, make sure that you watch out for Thai holidays because they usually result in hotel and fare prices soaring.
  • Pack lightly. Just bring those things you absolutely need and buy the rest in Bangkok. Make sure you have extra space in your luggage for shopping!
  • Wear light clothes. Thailand is very hot! You certainly won’t be needing any coats, jackets or pullovers. Generally, light cotton t-shirts and cotton pants or shorts are the best bet for coping with the heat.
  • It is better to have a Thai contact to help you go around the city. They can help you spot the best deals and the best routes around the city.
  • Heavy traffic is a part of daily life in Bangkok. If you have to be somewhere at a particular time, leave your hotel early to avoid being late. Before you leave, stay at a hotel that is near the airport so catching your flight won’t be a hassle.
  • Check your passport and make sure it has at least six months before expiration.
  • In Thailand, a fine of 500 Baht/ day is charged for overstaying your visa. A month long stay does not require a visa for most nationalities, but if you want to stay longer than that, you have to apply for a tourist visa at the Thai embassy in your home country first. Visit the immigration office in case you need to extend your stay.
  • As a tourist, expect that you will be charged up to three times the going price for souvenirs. Do not buy impulsively! Take your time and look around for similar items and compare their prices, and then when you are ready to buy, don’t forget to haggle on the price.
  • Once you land at the airport, hold on to your departure card. You will need it during your return flight home.
  • Take note that riding a cab from Bangkok airport to the center of the city should not cost beyond 600 baht. The airport taxi fee is around 50 baht (Paid at the end of your journey), plus whatever the meter comes to, and you will need to pay another 60 baht for the toll fare. Hand this to the driver when you reach the toll booth.
  • The official airport taxi lane is outside the airport. Do not accept offers from those inside the airport. Wait for the ticketer to place you in a cab. For cabs to go to the city, check that the drivers turn on the meter. If they refuse to do so, find another taxi to ride in.

Things to Bring to Thailand

If you are bringing your whole family with you, then your primary concern is to provide for their
needs, especially for the kids. Here are some tips on what to bring for your Thailand Holiday:

  1. Diapers
    Your baby may already be used to a particular brand. Rest assured, the malls and supermarkets in Bangkok are equipped with international brands. In fact, they are cheaper than those in Europe and amount similarly to US prices. To be safe though, bring a week’s supply to give you time to the ones that suit your baby.
  2. Powdered Milk/ Food for the Baby
    International milk formulas are available in supermarkets but there are also Thai brands worth trying. Most of the ones you will find are local brands but if ever you decide to try one, make sure you buy from the supermarkets because small stores may have stocked the milk for a long time, often without air conditioning. Baby food like Gerber can be found in the imported section of Villa Market, Food Land and Carrefour and Tops. Most Thais cook food for their babies so supplies are generally limited to these stores.
  3. Medicine
    A first aid kit is always a good idea to have around but in case you run out of vitamins or sun screen, you can always run to the local drugstores and find what you need there. You’d be surprised to see the products they have are of the same quality as Europe but often much cheaper.
  4. Strollers for kids
    If you are used to having strollers for your kids, then bring one with you rather than buy one in Thailand; these are expensive since the demand for them is low among Thai families. However, take note that most sidewalks have pot holes and uneven concrete which makes using strollers inconvenient.
  5. Xerox Copy of Passport for each member of the family
    You are obliged to carry around your passport under Thai law but a photocopy of it will suffice to avoid losing the real one. Many situations require you show some form of ID, for instance it checking into a hotel.
  6. Plug Adaptor
    In Thailand, the standard power supply is 220 volts and the outlets are usually two parallel, horizontal, round pins and flat pins. It will save you trouble to bring an adaptor rather than buy one.
  7. Pen
    Arriving at the Bangkok airport you will be required to fill out forms for customs, etc. It will save you time if you have a pen with you since hundreds of people will probably be asking the airport personnel to borrow one.
  8. Names of destinations in Thai characters
    If you will be going around on your own using public transportation, especially taxis, then it is best to have the names of where you are going written in Thai characters. Drivers who are not accustomed to English are more accommodating if you present them with instructions in Thai
    characters. Plus, it’s better to do that than spend time having a confusing conversation and end up in a totally different place with the meter running.
  9. Map of the Hotel
    You can keep track of where you are with a map. Show it to the taxi driver when needed. If all else fails, keep a number of the hotel so the driver can ask the receptionist for instructions.
  10. Mosquito Repellent
    Mosquitoes are everywhere in the city and you need protection from the moment you arrive. Get repellents with higher amount of DEET to effectively protect from bites.
  11. Clothes for warm climate
    No need to bring so many clothes. You can buy the rest of your wardrobe in Bangkok at cheaper prices than you will ever find at home.
  12. Camera
    Don’t let your holiday go to waste. Take as many pictures as you want of your Thailand experience.
  13. Extra bag
    Bangkok is especially known for its many shopping destinations. Chances are you will join the bandwagon of shoppers so leave extra space for all the things you might buy.
  14. English-Thai Dictionary/Phrase Book
    Navigating around the Bangkok and Central Thailand will be much easier if you can use the local language to communicate. Buy a phrase book or dictionary with pronunciation guides.

Hotel Ideas for Your Family

thailand travel essentials

These hotels offer packages for families traveling to Thailand. They are near Bangkok’s City
Center and top attractions and provide tour and information services for families. You can also check out this article from World Travel Family Blog.

  • Courtyard
  • Holiday Inn
  • Intercontinental
  • JW Marriott
  • Mayfair
  • Qantas Holidays Hotel
  • Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok
  • Bliston Suwan Park View
  • Grand Sukhumvit by Sofitel
  • Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

Top 5 Ideas For Kids – Family Travel In Bangkok

  • Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok
    Asia’s largest underwater aquarium featuring sharks, sting rays, jellyfish and hundreds more creatures of the deep.
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
    Located in the Siam Discovery mall at Siam Square, Madame Tussauds Bangkok features over 70 incredibly lifelike wax figures, photo opportunities with each one and lots of interactive experiences.
  • IMAX Siam Paragon
    3D Cinema at its best. IMAX Siam Paragon often sees new Hollywood movie releases even before Europe does, and offers an enthralling experience.
  • Dream World, Rangsit
    Thailand’s biggest adventure park really is fun for all the family, with roller-coasters and giant worlds, go-kart racing, Snow World and many more exciting rides.
  • Imperial World Ice Skating
    The only Olympic sized public skating rink in Bangkok, it’s located in Imperial World Samrong, just 15 mins drive from Bangkok city center. They offer lessons and first-class ice skating facilities.

Top 5 Ideas For the Whole Family

family vacations in bangkok
  • Bangkok Butterfly Garden & Insectarium
    A chance to see hundreds of different exotic tropical insects and butterflys, the like of which you will never get to see back home!
  • Chokchai Farm, Pak Chong
    Agricultural tourism at its best, Chokchai Farm makes for an excellent day trip out of Bangkok and a chance to see Thai-style cattle farming first hand.
  • Siam Amazing Park
    A fun-filled day lies in wait at Suan Siam, with its water parks, water slides and adventure rides.
  • Ayutthaya
    Thailand’s ancient capital is truly spectacular, with its temple ruins and old city walls, museums and more. Ayutthaya is home to some of the country’s most revered historical sites and features many examples of stunning Thai architecture – and a perhaps more importantly, it offers a great lesson in Thai history as well
  • The Ancient City
    The gateway to Thailand’s unique cultural heritage and wisdom, it features a wide array of fine arts and crafts, and miniaturized architectural symbols from around the country, all laid out on a sprawling 12 acre site.

Thailand’s Beaches – Things To Do In Thailand

Thailand beaches are one of the many attractions tourists come to see, explore and enjoy.  The island country is also known as Land of Smiles has some of the world’s finest beaches dotted with alluring silver sands, exotic resorts, and picturesque surroundings, inviting tourists from across the world to enjoy beach tours in Thailand.

Well, the country has so many beaches among which some of are well known for their splendid charm and beauty while some for the adventure sports and activities while some are considered to be the most developed beaches in Thailand, which offer excellent opportunity to enjoy a beach vacation with an outstanding experience of a lifetime.

While talking about the beaches, Chaweng beach is an all-time favorite located on the east coast of Samui. It is one of the favorites among the young tourists and families alike as the beaches is amazingly beautiful and tourists can enjoy moments of joy and happiness enjoying the beauty of the beaches and the various water sports and activities in a delightful way.

Patong beach is one of the most beautiful and well-developed beaches on Phuket Island.  Long known to be one of the top 10 diving sites, Patong beach is today visited by thousands and thousands of tourists especially beach lovers from across the globe. By the night the town gets more heart throbbing as tourists enjoy the mood-making wine and the heart-throbbing music of the pubs and discos at it best making the night more colorful and pulsating.

Besides these, there are many other picturesque and scintillating beaches in Thailand that are also worth visit and explore. Some of the finest ones are

  • Railay Beach Krabi
  • Kata Beach

If visiting Beaches while traveling to Bangkok is what you’re looking for, Check out our Blog Post about Bangkok’s Most Beautiful Beaches. It goes into much more detail on Where to go and What to do when searching out Beautiful Thai beaches near Bangkok.

Check out, Koh Samet!! It’s Bangkok’s nearest Island.

Family Travel In Bangkok

Thailand offers many wonderful beaches, sites, attractions, and activities for any family willing to take on the Challenge of Family Travel In Bangkok. Travel in Thailand can be hectic and nerve-racking if you’re not prepared. Well, even if you are prepared. Traveling with children can amplify the madness.

We hope this guide has given a little insight into the tools you’ll need to conquer family travel in Bangkok, Thailand.

If you’re interested in staying at any of the hotels mentioned above, check out our Booking Page. You can also book Transfers, Rent Motorbikes, and book Bus, Plane and Train travel around Southeast Asia.

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