How Much Money Do Thai Bar Girls Make?

Thailand isn’t known for its high-paying wages.

But for girls coming from the rice fields and villages in the north to a Nightlife mecca like Bangkok or Pattaya, working in Thailand’s Redlight industry is a path to helping support their family and a higher standard of living for themselves.

It’s quite a subjective question to ask “How Much Money Do Thai Bar Girls Make?”

Many factors can affect how much a girl makes while working in the bars in the nightlife industry in Thailand.

Some of these include:

How beautiful and cute she is. How well she speaks English? Which bar does she work in? What job at the bar she has? Does she have sex for money or just a hostess or cashier job?

As you can see those are just a couple of simple considerations to take into account when discussing what a bar girl’s wages are.

Continue reading below for a more detailed breakdown of each job and what kind of salary can come along with it.

Bar Girls

Bar girls earn a basic wage of about ฿3,000 per month. Bar girls are expected to generate revenue in the form of customer’s drinks, and lady drinks.

They earn a commission on the lady drink. They are also expected to be bar fined a minimum of 5 – 7 times a month. The typical bar fine is ฿500.

This goes to the bar owner to cover the cost of her wages while she is out entertaining a customer.

The bar girl’s total income is in the form of wages, commissions, tips plus whatever she gets paid by her date, less any deduction for missed nights at work.

If the girl misses a night the bar fine is deducted from her pay packet. She may have been sick, but the owner assumes she has been with a customer and has not paid the bar fine.

Typical monthly incomes are around ฿10,000 per month for most girls.

Not a huge amount of money, but enough to get by on, if she shares an apartment or a room with a friend, and more than a girl can make in regular employment if she has limited skills.

How Much Do You Pay a Bar Girl? 

That’s negotiable. Rates for short time are around ฿800 to ฿1,500, and for long time, ฿2,000 to ฿3,500.

Don’t be tempted to negotiate the rate. If the girl is popular, she is probably not going to negotiate.

If she is short of money she may negotiate, but you will pay a price.

She will not think of you as a generous man. Generosity is highly prized in Thai culture.

Service Girls

The admin girls, service girls, and door girls make a base pay of about ฿4,000 – ฿5,000 per month. Some service girls make a good monthly income.

Their base pay may be low, but in a popular bar, they can make good money from tips. Some of them make as much money from tips as Thai bar girls make from bar fines.

Most of these girls don’t get bar fined. Often, because guys are distracted by the go-go dancers. But many of them are attractive and are available to be bar fined.

Welcome girls

You will notice that the go-go bars in the walking street area have welcome girls.

Those cute girls who stand outside the bar and try to persuade you to go inside, make around ฿5,000 – ฿6,000 per month plus tips.

I love to chat with these girls, they are friendly and some of them are incredibly cute and are available to be bar fined.

If you take a photo give them a small tip, ฿20 each is considered good. I sometimes buy these girls a meal. They stand outside for hours with nothing to eat or drink.

There are several food stands nearby, and a meal costs around ฿30 – ฿60.

For this little act of kindness, you will be thought of as a good and generous man!

GoGo Dancers

Gogo dancers earn a higher base. Usually around ฿10,000 – ฿15,000 per month.

Gogo dancers make the grade on account of their physical beauty, and their willingness to remove most or all of their clothing.

Gogo dancers also have quotas for lady drinks and the number of days they are bar fined.

Bar fines are much higher for these girls, generally ฿600 – ฿1,200, with a reduction late at night, around 2 am to half the regular rate.

Short time and long time rates are higher for go-go dancers. Short time rates are now around ฿1,000 to ฿1,500 and long time rates ฿2,000 – ฿4,000 or maybe higher depending on the girl.

Some gogo dancers, make ฿30,000 per month or more. The really popular ones can make ฿50,000 per month or more including money they make from customers.

This is great money for a Thai girl.


Showgirls make the highest base pay. They make enough money to survive without ever being bar fined, but some of them are available to be bar fined.

Bar owners generally have strict rules about whether and when these girls can be bar fined. Generally, it’s only at the end of the evening’s shows around 2 or 3 am.

Showgirls normally ask higher rates than go-go dancers. I have been quoted ฿3,000 short time and ฿5,000 long time for a Pattaya showgirl.

Wow! I could bar-fine a go-go dancer and two bar girls for those prices!

Some Pattaya clubs have shows that feature girls who are brought down from Bangkok on a nightly or weekly basis. Bar fines for these girls can be as high as ฿3,000.

How Much Money Do Thai Bar Girls Make?

I hope you enjoyed this article hope it sheds some light on “How Much Money Do Thai Bars Girls Make?”

As I said above, there are many contributing factors and some girls just command more money for their company naturally. They may be cute, sexy, bubbly, fun, smart, and speak impeccable English.

There are also jobs like offered in a Thai Blowjob Bar. There’s really no limit to what kind of work a bar girl could be doing for the bar.

All these factors combined with the right bar and atmosphere could mean the sky’s the limit on the salary a certain girl can make.

If you’re interested in learning more about Traveling Thailand and its World Famous Nightlife, please check out our other guides and information packets here.

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