Pattaya Sex and Travel Guide For First Timers: A Quality Travel Guide – Updated 2023

This is a short and practical Pattaya Sex and Travel Guide for First-time visitors. Almost everybody has heard about Pattaya and it’s world-renowned nightlife. Hundreds of bars, restaurants, and clubs line the busy “Walking Street,” also known as “The Strip”.

Being so renowned Pattaya is very crowded, especially at the top of the season, still, there can be found hotels and luxury resorts that offer excellent beach amenities and vacation packages.

Everything you need to know about one of Thailand’s favorite beach resorts on one page.

What Is Pattaya?

Pattaya is a seaside resort and party destination only 90 minutes drive from Bangkok City.

It’s best known as a sex holiday destination, but Pattaya also offers several beaches, a vibrant nightlife, good-value restaurants, high-end shopping malls, cheap accommodation, golf courses, and warm weather year-round.

Why Is Pattaya a Popular Holiday Destination?

Pattaya has become a favorite holiday destination for several reasons.

First of all, everything in Pattaya is easy.

It’s easy to get there. It’s easy to obtain a visa. It’s easy to find good accommodation. It’s easy to travel around the city. It’s easy to find good restaurants. And it’s easy to find friendly Thai girls.

Second, Pattaya is inexpensive.

Even though Thailand is a relatively wealthy country with good infrastructure, it’s still an inexpensive travel destination. In Pattaya you can truly live and eat like a king.

Third, Pattaya is safe.

Pattaya has a low crime rate. With the exception of traffic accidents, it’s unlikely that anything bad will happen to you in Pattaya.

When to Go to Pattaya?

High season: November to February
Peak season: Around Christmas and New Year
Low season: March to October

Pattaya is an all year-round holiday destination. But the weather is most pleasant in high season, with drier cooler air, and almost no rain.

what is pattaya
Walking Street – Fahrenheit Bar

Low season is more sticky and wet, but the rain tends to come in short downpours, so it isn’t that much of a problem. And by the way, shopping malls, indoor restaurants, discos, and AGoGo bars or GoGo Bars all have air conditioning.

Hotel prices are higher in high/peak season, and beaches and bars are a little more crowded.

So, when is the best time of the year to go to Pattaya?

This Pattaya sex guide recommends that you go whenever suits you best. There isn’t that much difference between high and low season. (Except if you come primarily for the beaches – then you should choose high season.)

If you’re planning to travel to Pattaya in the high season, then you should book a hotel room early. Use or to check for room availability.

How to Get to Thailand?

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BBK) handles all international flights (except Air Asia) to Bangkok.

Since Thailand is a popular holiday destination, it’s easy to find cheap flights to Bangkok. Several international airlines have daily routes to BKK.

How to Get into Thailand (Visa Rules)
Tourism is a major part of the Thai economy, and the government has made it easy for travelers to stay both short and long time in Thailand.

However, the Thai government hasn’t made the visa rules easy to understand. The Thai visa rules change depending on which country you come from, and whether you enter Thailand by air or land. And to make it worse, the visa rules change frequently.

Anyway, here’s the current visa rules explained as simply as possible:

Note: These visa rules are only valid when entering Thailand by air.

when to go to pattaya
Pattaya at night

Visa Rule 1:
Tourists from 64 countries, including all western countries, can stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without visa. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘visa waiver’ or ‘visa exemption’.

Exception 1: Cambodia and Ukraine (Up to 15 days without visa.)
Exception 2: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and South Korea (Up to 90 days without visa.)

A rule from 2014: Tourists can exit and enter Thailand as often as they like to obtain a new ‘visa waiver’. (As long as it’s via an international airport.)

Visa Rule 2:
Passport holders from 19 countries are eligible for VISA ON ARRIVAL.

Visa Rule 3:
If you didn’t find your country above, or if you want a longer stay in Thailand, then you need a tourist visa. A tourist visa lets you stay in Thailand for 60 days, with the option for a 30 days extension. But there are some exceptions, so check your nearest Thai embassy for more information.

Note: Always bring a printed itinerary of a return ticket or an ongoing ticket when entering Thailand.

Money Exchange and ATMs at the Airport

The Thai currency is called Baht.

It’s no need to bring Baht from your home country as there are money exchange booths and ATMs at the airport and all over Pattaya.

Note: The money exchange booths at the airport are open 24 hours a day.

However, the exchange rate at the airport is poor. It’s wise to exchange about 2000-3000 Baht (about US$ 60 -$90) for a taxi and a couple of meals. Then exchange the rest of your cash in Pattaya.

Note: Don’t exchange money at your hotel. The rate is much better at any money exchange booth.

How to Travel from Airport (BKK) to Pattaya?
Pattaya Raw recommends taking a taxi from BKK to Pattaya. It’s cheap, convenient and well organized.

Taxi drivers from BKK have special permission to bring passengers from the airport, and they have to use standard prices. In other words, no meter, no haggling, and no hassle.

Here’s how you take a taxi to Pattaya:

  1. After exiting airport customs, turn right and take the nearest escalator or elevator down one floor. (Down to 1st floor.)

Warning: You might be approached by people offerings taxi services. Just ignore these people, and move on down to the 1st floor.

Note: If you didn’t exchange money before airport customs, you’ll find several money exchange booths and ATMs in the arrival hall.

  1. On the 1st Floor, exit the airport and look for a yellow sign called ‘Public Taxi’.
  2. Follow the sign until you see some women sitting behind the counters in front of the taxis.
  3. Tell one of the women that you’re going to Pattaya.
  4. She’ll tell you the price (1500 Baht), and give you a white itinerary. She’ll give another itinerary to the taxi driver.
  5. The taxi driver will now rip your suitcase out of your hand (they usually do…). Follow the driver to his taxi.
  6. Once you’re on your way, the driver will ask where you’re going. Tell him the name of the hotel, or tell him the address. (It’s wise to have written down the name and address on a piece of paper, as most taxi drivers won’t have any idea of what you’re saying. Just hand over the piece of paper.)
  7. There are two tollways on the way to Pattaya. The passenger is obliged to pay for these tollways. Just hand over a 100 Baht note at the beginning of the drive, and say to the driver, “This is for the tollways.”
  8. Relax for 60-120 minutes (depending on the traffic). If you’re bored, you can always watch the crazy Thai drivers, or you can try talking to the driver. (Most taxi drivers in Thailand are friendly.)
  9. When you arrive at your hotel, pay the driver 1500 Baht. If you feel like it, you can give him an extra 100 Baht, but tipping is not expected in Thailand.

Pattaya Hotels

There are countless luxury and budget hotels in Pattaya. Most hotel rooms in Pattaya are large, clean, and well equipped. Even budget hotels have relatively high standards.

This is what you’ll find in most Pattaya hotel room:

Air conditioning (individually controlled)
In-room safe (electronic)
Television with a large selection of international channels
Fridge or mini-bar
Double bed
Electric kettle
Free Wi-Fi
Space (Thai hotel rooms are often spacious.)

This Pattaya Sex and Travel guide recommends that you choose a hotel in central Pattaya, especially if you’re coming to Pattaya for the nightlife and bar girls.

Important: Some hotels in Pattaya have something called a “joiner fee”. That means you have to pay an extra fee every time you bring a female friend back to your room. It may be wise to inquire with the hotel about this before going out to score for the evening.

If you come to Pattaya for the girls, then make sure to stay in a guest-friendly hotel. (A hotel without “joiner fee”.)

Pattaya Sex Guide

Pattaya is without a doubt the sex capital of the world. No place on earth will so many men and women come together to exchange sex and money.

Pattaya is in many ways the most honest place you’ll find. Women come here to make money. And men come here to have sex. That’s how Pattaya works. For the most part…

Pattaya Raw is a site for first-time visitors. It will make your first visit to Pattaya simpler and more enjoyable.

It isn’t that much you have to learn before coming to Pattaya. But there are some pitfalls, and that’s the point of this website.

Below is a practical Pattaya Sex and Travel Guide. Everything you need to know about the bar girls, freelancers, personal safety, and where to stay.

If you want more general information about Pattaya, then take a look at Pattaya Raw’s First Timer’s Guide To Pattaya.

Where to meet girls in Pattaya?

Everywhere! 🙂

The problem isn’t where to find girls in Pattaya. It’s more about finding the right girl for your needs. Some like agogo girls, some like beer bar girls, and some like freelancers (street girls). As they say in Pattaya: It’s up to you.

pattaya sex guide
Ghost Hotel & Pattaya City Sign

What are the differences between agogo bars and beer bars?

Agogo bars:

Like a strip club.
Indoor with air-conditioning.
The girls dance on stage.
They are in bikinis or topless (sometimes naked).
Many of the girls are stunning.
The girls are expensive – relatively speaking (More about prices below.)

Beer bars:

Like an ordinary bar.
Sometimes quiet – sometimes noisy.
Outdoor with fans.
The girls stand outside the bar waiting for customers.
They wear more ordinary clothes.
More unattractive girls.
The girls are less expensive.

Where to find agogo bars in Pattaya?
Most agogo bars are in or near Walking Street.

Where to find beer bars in Pattaya?
Beer bars are everywhere in Pattaya. Especially in central Pattaya between Central Road, Soi Baukhao, and Walking Street.

What are freelancers?
Freelancers are working girls without an employer. Freelancers must not be confused with what most think of as street hookers (or crack whores) from western countries. In Thailand, there are many types of freelancers (and very few of them are drug addicts.)

Full-time freelancers:

These girls work full time as prostitutes. Many of them have worked in bars, but they like the freedom of working for themselves.

Part-time freelancers:

Girls who have normal jobs during daytime, but like to make some extra cash at night or on weekends.

Where to find freelancers in Pattaya?

Beach Road promenade between Central Pattaya Road and Walking Street. (You’ll find girls here both day and night. But most girls start working around 7-8 pm.)
Nightclubs in Walking Street. (Discos)
At the entrance to Walking Street
Most freelancers (and bar girls) are very nice and good-hearted. But, since freelancers don’t have an employer, you have to take some precautions.

As long as lock your valuables in your room safe, there’s unlikely that anything bad will happen to you.

Pattaya Sex Safety tip: Thai girls are shy, and even prostitutes rarely make the first move. If you meet a girl on the street who approaches you and starts talking to you, then simply stay away. YOU have to make the first move. Scammers are assertive, while freelancers with good intentions are passive and wait for you to take contact.

Where to stay in Pattaya?

There are tons of hotel options in Pattaya. Pattaya Sex and Travel Guide recommends getting a hotel close to the action.

If you’re mostly interested in agogo girls, then you should find a hotel within walking distance of Walking Street. Thai girls do not like to walk so be sure to stay near them or be ready to employ a motorbike taxi to drive you to where you’ll serenade your lady.

Thanks for Ingesting Pattaya Raw’s Sex and Travel Guide!

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