Best Things To Bring While Backpacking Thailand

Do you wish to visit Thailand on your own? Do you have what it takes for Backpacking Thailand?

Have you dreamt of visiting those paradisiacal beaches including those cities with historical temples and beautiful landscapes without having to spend all your life savings?

Today, more and more people have turned this Asian country into a travel destination and the numbers keep rising. After many visits to the country and months of living in a couple of its cities, we can attest that Thailand is one of the easiest countries to travel around and a perfect country to start backpacking, in this guide we will explain how.

Backpacking Thailand for women – What clothes to bring along

Depending on how many weeks or months you want to enjoy your stay in Thailand, here are some essential you need to take along:

  • T-shirts
  • Dress
  • Pants
  • Cool Thin Long T-Shirt
  • Underwear
  • Bra
  • Bikini
  • Short pajamas
  • Socks

Tips for Women’s Clothing – Backpacking Thailand

Clothing is a very personal issue but try to make it the coolest and most comfortable you have.

Besides, Thailand has some exotic boutiques that will fit into your budget.

If you intend to buy pants, and you have a size larger than 38, keep in mind that in Thailand, you will not find them easily.

Take along long pants too; I wear leggings for the nights to cover me against the hungry mosquitoes. They will also serve for trekking; to enter the temples and probably also visit some tourist sites.

Bring a very thin and neat long t-shirt or sweatshirt, for the same reasons as for long pants.

If you’re cool with skirts or shorts, I recommend that you get a long sarong skirt “removable” for the temples. Buy it in Thailand, they are everywhere, and they come very cheaply.

Depending on how often you use your bikini, you may or may not save on wearing the bra. Better take two bikinis because that way, you will always have one dry spare to use.

Take the pajamas if you use it normally, or if you are going to share a bedroom, it all depends on you.

Men Backpacking Thailand – What to bring along

  • T-shirts
  • Pants
  • Swimsuits
  • Underwear
  • Short pajamas
  • Cool Thin Long T-Shirt
  • Socks

Tips for men’s clothing – Backpacking Thailand

For clothes, keep in mind that Thailand’s climate is very hot and humid, choose the less hot shirts and take at least one if you need something more arranged, for a special occasion.

Take long trousers for the nights; you’ll find yourself with too many hungry mosquitoes, in case you dare to do some trekking, or take a non-air conditioned transport.

Bring a very light and cool long t-shirt or sweatshirt, for the same reasons as for long pants.

Take at least two swimsuits always to have one dry. Also, in Thailand, swimsuits are cheap, so you will have an excuse to renew your wardrobe if you need it.

If you are a man, you will not have a problem buying clothes, but if you wear bigger sizes, keep in mind that the size they sell in Southeast Asia is much smaller than in Europe.

What do I carry in my travel bag in my backpack for Backpacking Thailand?

  • Men’s toiletry bag
  • Deodorant         
  • Toothbrush and paste         
  • Nail clipper       
  • Fragrance        
  • Blade (or you can bring a razor, but you will carry more weight)   
  • Shaving foam
  • Shampoo (you can also buy it here; they smell great and it’s cheap)         
  • Scissors         
  • Hair removal tweezers useful for removing skewers        
  • Toiletry bag with some leak-proof jars for creams       
  • Sunscreen         
  • Gel after sun      
  • Anti-mosquito spray   
  • Plastic bags, to avoid liquid leakage       
  • Condoms, if you need them, bring them because they are somewhat more expensive in Thailand, and there is not much variety.

What to bring in the woman’s toiletry bag

  • Deodorant.
  • Toothbrush and paste.
  • File and cut nails.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Fragrance.
  • Knife.
  • Shampoo.
  • Mask with keratin without rinsing.
  • MANDATORY tampons or menstrual cup and sterilizer (unless you only use pads).
  • Toiletry bag with some leak-proof jars for creams.
  • Hair removal tweezers.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Gel after sun.
  • Anti-mosquito spray.
  • Makeup.
  • Makeup remover
  • Strips of facial wax (depending on how long your trip lasts).· Gummies for hair.
  • Condoms, if you need them bring them because they are somewhat more expensive in Thailand, and there is not much variety.
  • Plastic bags to avoid liquid leakage.
  • Wet wipes and tissues.

Additional information about the toiletries bag

You can bring a blade or razor, but with the first, you will save weight. Also, If you decide to buy disposable blades in Thailand, you should know that they are somewhat more expensive than in the US and, in my opinion, of lower quality.

Sunscreen and after-sun gel are worth twice as much as in the US, and the sun hits a lot, so I recommend a 50 protection one. Here the sun has no mercy.

Keep in mind when packing your luggage that cosmetics in Thailand are very expensive.

You can use the shampoo as a bath gel; it is good, it smells super good, and it is cheap, so you can bring a small one.

Backpacking Thailand Footwear

Thailand being a tropical area when it rains, it rains a lot, but it is also very hot. If you get along with open sandals, do not hesitate to wear them as your primary or only footwear.

Footwear is personal, and it depends on you.

In our case, John wears waterproof mountain shoes that he uses for everything and some flip-flops.

Michelle wears some trekking shoes that are mega comfortable and some daily flip-flops for hot, rainy days. They are the most comfortable and cool, fully recommended.

backpacking thailand
Backpacking Thailand

Optional items in my bag for Backpacking Thailand

  • Universal adapter
  • Mosquito net.
  • Sunglasses
  • Glasses or contact lenses.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Sack sheet
  • Booties
  • Foldable stainless cutlery.
  • Goggles or diving masks.
  • Lock for the backpack or locker.
  • Carabiner.
  • Small rope 4mm thick.
  • Watertight bag.
  • Earplugs.
  • Tissues.
  • Inflatable pillow for transports.
  • Travel dryer.
  • Neck scarf.
  • Cable organizer.
  • Tripod

I put the universal adapter as optional because we have hardly used it in Thailand, and I do not think it is worth it, although it is an essential item for the rest of Southeast Asia. Anyway, you can buy a cheap one anywhere.

The mosquito net will only work if you are going to sleep in rooms without air conditioning; otherwise, do not take it. There are usually no mosquitoes in places with air conditioning.

If you plan to dive and do not see much without glasses, do not hesitate to take your contact lenses to enjoy the seabed in high definition.

If you do not know what you are going to find in the accommodation, it is always good to take a sheet sack to be able to sleep peacefully in beds that do not seem very clean, if you do not have time you can order it online and it will arrive in a day.

Ours is made of cotton because I think it is the most comfortable, light, and cool, but polyester and silk.

The booties are optional because although I recommend them, it is a weight to take into account. I have carried them for many months, and I have hardly used it because I never step on the bottom even though I do a lot of snorkeling.

Cutlery has saved our ass more than once, but in Thailand, they always give you plastic cutlery with takeout, so it’s up to you.

Diving goggles are included in all excursions or have to pay for it as an extra, but if you go on your own, you will have to buy one, so it depends on your trip’s style and the importance you give to snorkeling.

Carrying a small rope 3-4mm thick can be useful to hang the mosquito net or your clothes.

Go with the minimum; remember that everything, no matter how little, adds weight to your back, so arm yourself with courage and get rid of the things you will not use.

Wearing earplugs can save your life on transportation or if you run into noisy neighbors.

Take a travel dryer as light as possible, and that has power at least 1200W. Take it to avoid sleeping with wet hair, and you can also use it to dry your tennis shoes when they get wet.

A neck scarf will be useful for airplanes and transports where the air conditioning is powerful, also so that your throat does not suffer, but it is optional because not everyone needs it, but I recommend it.

If you are a fan of taking photos, you can’t go out without a tripod. We needed to bring one for the blog and the video vlog.

But we didn’t want to carry a lot of weight, so we took a small tripod that you can attach to a lamppost, a tree, and it is very light.

Take several credit cards for what can happen while backpacking Thailand.

Also, keep in mind that your bank can charge you a commission for withdrawing money abroad, including EVO bank that previously did not charge a commission but now charges. 

Find out well before leaving.

Another option is to carry everything in cash and change at the exchange houses that are everywhere, but I find it more cumbersome to have to carry so much cash.

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