Meeting a Girlfriend in Pattaya – A Thai Girlfriend Guide

Year after year, men from all around the world flock to Thailand for a chance to meet a girlfriend in Pattaya. Securing a date here is easy and you can pick from a literal lineup if you want.

There are also plenty of opportunities to go about it the old fashion way if that’s more your style.

There’s something about Pattaya women that men young and old from every corner of the earth cannot resist.

In this guide, we’re going to delve further into each avenue of discovering and courting Pattaya women to date for a night or even the rest of your life.

How To Get a Girlfriend in Pattaya

See, there’s something you should know about dating Pattaya women. Finding a girlfriend in Pattaya for a one-night stand or multiple-night dream Thai island vacation is simple.

It’s finding one that is chill, isn’t on drugs, and that you like to be around can be the true challenge.

You just need to know what type of relationship you’re after in the first place.

To get truly involved with a Thai woman long term either she better truly love you or you’re going to need some serious cash flow.

This guide is geared more toward acquiring dates for one-night stands or Thai Holiday Girlfriend experience .

That doesn’t mean those experiences couldn’t turn into a long-term Pattaya girlfriend love affair. These are Pattaya women, so don’t get your hopes up and your pockets turned out…

Where To Find Pattaya Women

Well, we all know this approach and I still like to go out and get hands-on with the “goods” while searching for a girlfriend in Pattaya if you catch my drift.

I usually stay centrally near Soi Buakhao.

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This gives me plenty of bars and restaurants with beautiful hostesses within walking distance or even a short ride in the back of a Songthaew or Baht bus.

pattaya pole dancer

A Songthaew or Baht bus is a retrofitted pickup truck that acts as a taxi that you ride in the back of that runs on a circuit by all the hotspots throughout Pattaya City all day and well into the wee hours of the morning.

Rides start at 10 baht per person but can increase from there depending on the distance you’re riding.

I start by walking down to the local Beer Bar or Pub with what I deem the most attractive Thai ladies and buy myself and one of them a drink and start talking. I’ll discuss Pattaya Agogo bars later.

Pattaya Bar Girls

I started the article with this approach because this tactic doesn’t take any special tools such as a smartphone. You’ll want a smartphone but it’s not necessary.

You can literally land in Pattaya, hit the street, and start searching for a girlfriend in Pattaya.

Many Pattaya women working in bars or agogo’s do it because the money is much better than what they could find anywhere else or at home in the northeast.

This gives you an advantage because many Pattaya Bar girls are looking for a foreign boyfriend, husband, or long-term relationship to take them out of Thailand or at least provide for them adequately while living in Thailand.

Many ex-pats and mongers disagree with me here and say that Pattaya Girls make too much money and have too much fun in the bar to want to settle down with one foreigner.

After several years of living and working around Pattaya and its bar scene, I can honestly tell you that if the right guy comes along the girl will definitely leave the bar for a relationship.

Will it work? A big percentage do not.

That’s why this guide is geared to the one-night stands and weekend flings. Like the famous Southeast Asia Youtuber “Dead Farang” says “Bar girls can’t eat love”.

pattaya girlfriend

These girls want money and if you don’t have it, the bars aren’t the best place to look for girls in the first place.

The bars are perfectly fine for a weekend girl or someone to chill with while on holiday to maybe develop a relationship further down the line.

But be careful because it can be quite awkward when you invite a Pattaya bar girl that you barely know on a trip to the southern islands or just down the road to Koh Chang and you find out the hard way that she isn’t the most fun person to be around. Or she’s on meth.

It’s happening to some poor fool right now. Don’t be that guy…

It’s best to be upfront with these women and lay out exactly what you’re looking for and not looking for.

Meeting Girlfriend in Pattaya Online

Other than hitting bars, downloading one or multiple online dating apps and meeting real Pattaya girls is one of the most popular ways of meeting a Girlfriend in Pattaya.

If you’re looking for online dating apps that have proven results I like to use ThaiFriendly and ThaiCupid.

These two apps usually have me so deep in conversation and meetups with so many real Thai girls that I barely get anything else done while on holiday.

There are definitely plenty of girls looking for compensation of services on these apps but if you state what you’re looking for upfront you can weed out all the working girls quite easily.

I like to start using these apps two or three weeks before my flight so that I can exchange conversations with many Pattaya girls before I even land.

This way maybe having a couple of dates lined up for once you’re settled into town isn’t out of the question.

Meet Pattaya Escorts

Finding a Pattaya escort that will come to your room is one of the easiest ways to acquire female companionship while in Pattaya.

Visit the Smooci website and find the Pattaya escort you’re looking for. This platform gathers working professional outcall girls from all around Thailand for entertainment pleasure.

This is a perfect option for working professionals or guys who don’t have the time or patience to hit bars or nightclubs.

Excellent for a dinner date, massage, or sex without all the bullshit of searching for a girl among the hundreds of bars in Pattaya.

Pattaya escorts are fun, discreet, and a surefire way to fulfill just about any fantasy with a Thai girl that you can dream up.

Thai escorts sometimes are categorized by kink if you’re really looking for something specific.

Dating Pattaya Agogo Girls

dating pattaya girls

Pattaya Agogo’s or Gogo bars are a great place to blow your top on a holiday night!

Not the greatest place to meet a girlfriend in Pattaya.

Pattaya gogos are sexy, sinful, and full of beautiful, hot, young, and lustful Thai girls that will fuck and suck you dry in the short-time room.

These girls probably aren’t one’s to start anything more than a casual Pay for play relationship with.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a beautiful, hot, young, sexy, and lustful Thai girl to spend the night, weekend, or southern island trip with then maybe hunting around the local Pattaya Gogo scene is just what you’re looking for.

Meeting A Girlfriend in Pattaya

Focusing on meeting real Pattaya girls who might work in Central festival, 7-11’s, Family Mart or local markets is a good place to start if you’re willing to take the time to learn some simple Thai phrases.

Thai people especially Thai girls appreciate and respect a foreign man who will take the time to learn the Thai language.

This approach is definitely geared more towards the fellow who’s focusing on Pattaya as a long-term endeavor and wants to make the most of his time exploring and living in Thailand.

I think having a single long-term girlfriend while living in Pattaya is crucial to a man’s success living in Pattaya.

If you spend all your money in bars drinking and chasing women either you’ll go broke or your body will fail.

Having a faithful partner might sound like a crazy thing to have in Pattaya but trust me it’s what has helped secure many business owners’ and ex-pat’s long-term success here.

Dating Thai Girls

Dating Thai Girls is fun and has been the best part of traveling and later living in Thailand. Meeting a Girlfriend in Pattaya is a fun and sexy experience that any man traveling to the region long-term or as a tourist should try.

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