Online Dating Tips For Meeting Thai Girls

Warning Warning Warning… Our Online Dating Tips For Meeting Thai Girls will get you LAID, land you a GIRLFRIEND, or maybe even a THAI WIFE…

What you learn here could save your life or maybe even ruin it…

Let’s begin, Shall we?

This will happen to you, you will find a sexy Thai girl’s profile you like. You will look at her photos and she will seem perfect.

Therefore, you start by sending her a message sharing your interest and you check your email every day, but still no response.

You check your sent email folder and see that your message was read and was not replied to.

You send her another email, but still no response…the downward spiraling begins…

This is exactly where we do not want to be. Thai girls get over 200 messages a day and sometimes more.

If for some reason she doesn’t reply to your message, the next day your message will be below two hundred more men.

Therefore, you must remember one thing…

Online dating is a numbers game!
Online dating is a numbers game!
Online dating is a numbers game!

In reality, you will get a response 10 – 20% of the time. However, without this chapter, you will probably be looking at 2 – 5 %.

Our Online Dating Tips For Meeting Thai Girls will teach you what you need to get successfully started dating Thai girls online.

Seven Proven Online Dating Tips For Meeting Thai Girls:

1. As mentioned many times already, online dating is a numbers game. Do not get hung up on one girl’s profile.

100’s of new women sign up every week for these websites, use this to your advantage.

2. If it’s a paid website, start with the girls who have paid their monthly membership. The girls who have paid are more serious in their search for a man.

3. Next, start with the newest members.

These are the girls which just signed up and have not been bombarded for the last few weeks or months by men already.

4. Do not waste your time sending an indicator of interest. Messages are more effective.

5. Create a template and mass mail it. You can go with two styles.

A short message to the point or something more detailed that refers to her profile. Use the second type if the girl is super cute and took the time to write her profile.

6. Use your best photos, but have your profile show that you are a “fun” and “good” person. Online dating can be scary for some girls, showing that you are a good man.

7. Get her on LINE ID or WhatsApp ASAP. Once you have some contact with them, you want to start talking with them off the dating website. This will keep their attention on you.

As you can see by our proven templates, you can even offer your LINE App ID in the first message.

Bonus Tip by the Author:

The goal is NOT to set up the date from the dating website; your goal is to get communication where you both are writing back and forth.

Sometimes when you give your LINE App ID, you will not hear anything for a few days.

Then when you least expect it, you will get instant messages from more girls than you would believe.

Bonus Tip by a Female:

When asked to write some advice for online dating I was more than glad to help.

I have used this method to meet my current boyfriend and I know this to be a great way to meet men without having to go to clubs and bars where you have to worry about drunken men hitting on you in the worst fashion.

I have a college education, I own my own business, and I have a busy life. I do not have much time to go out and meet men.

I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago and just wanted to see what was out there for me.

Therefore, my friend recommended Thaifriendly.

First thing, I could not believe the number of men who sent me messages and were interested. The first day was interesting, but then it just got overwhelming.

I attempted to read all the messages but could not keep up. I literally had hours of reading ahead of me every day.

However, the messages I did read were a waste.

I was getting messages from men telling me how rich they were, and how beautiful I was, and sending photos of their houses and families. Can you say, TMI (Too Much Information)?

I don’t care how much money you make or how nice your house is. I am not a whore. I am looking for a nice man with whom there is a connection.

My biggest piece of advice I can give is this, keep it simple.

Do not send too much information, let me know what you like about me to show that you actually read my profile and give me a chance to reply.

If the girl does not reply, she may be overwhelmed or not interested.

Send a second message a few days later. If still no response, then move on. Sometimes you are not their type.

That is real advice provided by my previous Thai girlfriend I met online following the guidelines in this chapter. She speaks great English, is very successful, and is a lot of fun.

Mostly what she said I agree with, but my only addition is, do not spend much time on one girl’s profile.

If you see a girl that you like based on the photo, send a canned email message to her and maybe include one thing you found interesting in her profile.

Remember, in Thailand, you are the 10. However online, there are a lot of 10’s like you. Keep this in mind.

Keep it simple, keep it fun, and do not spend too much time online.

You can meet great women online, especially from the website, I personally
recommend, but there is the whole country of Thailand to explore and experience.


There are a handful of templates that I use for online dating; however, there are two, which have been the most successful for me.

The first is short and to the point:

Hi, you seem quite cute and your profile is well-written. I would like to talk with you.

My LINE ID is [email protected] would you like to talk with me?

I like this method due to the length and material contained within it. This holds quite a few things in it:

1. By using the word “quite” it tells the girl you think she is cute, but not that cute. Meaning, she has you a little bit interested, but not stalker status.

This also lets her know indirectly that you are a man who has dated girls as cute as and cuter than her.

2. You provide her with your contact information outside of the dating website. Your goal is to have communication with them outside of the website.

You will be surprised how many women will add you to their LINE account and you will get a message a few days later asking how they know you.

3. Sales 101 keep your messages short and end them with a question. This gives her an easy way to reply without giving her pages of information to read through.

The second template I prefer required a little more work. In this template, you will react
to something contained in her profile.

Many women will mention what they like and what they do not like. End the message with a quick question:


I just read your profile and something about it caught my eye.

I notice that…. (Insert something that interests you) It is nice to see someone who has something in your profile more than “I’m a ladyboy” or “I want to get married right away”.

You seem interesting and I would like to chat with you. Would you like to chat with me?

I will use this style of message with the cutest girls.

It requires more time to tailor, however, the exceptional girls will need a message that catches their eye.

Being a foreigner with a nice profile will not be enough.

At first glance, it seems these templates are too easy to work with or don’t offer enough information.

Remember what your goal is. Your goal is not to set up a date with the first message you send, your only goal is to get a response.

Even if the response is negative, that will give you something to work with.

It is far easier to get a girl who says “no” than to get a girl who has never sent a response.

Have fun with your online dating and play around with a few variations of the above examples.

Now that you have created communication with the girl, the next step is to work on attracting this girl with the least amount of effort.

Thanks for checking out our Online Dating Tips For Meeting Thai Girls! We hope you found this content useful during your preparation and journeys to Thailand!

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