Bangkok vs Pattaya: Which is Better for Nightlife in 2023?

The question of Bangkok vs Pattaya in regards to nightlife comes about almost anytime someone new enters the conversation and these two cities are mentioned.

A good first question, but once dug into the subject one comes to understand how naïve of a question it really is.

Trying to determine which of them has the best nightlife is quite relative to who is doing the review as there are lots of things that make one city better than the other.

However, both cities have its pros and cons; for instance, in Bangkok, the nightlife is very wild and exciting but a bit expensive while in Pattaya, you’re most likely to spend less and besides Pattaya is more of a beach town than a major city and it can get a lot wilder during the high season where most tourists will likely want to enjoy some beach activities.

So, here is just a bit of what makes Bangkok and Pattaya a tourist destination and how their nightlife differs.

Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok’s nightlife has well earned its reputation as one of the most vibrant and unbridled in the world. The night of the capital of Thailand is happy, very, very funny, carefree, uninhibited, and sometimes even wild.

Bangkok has the best clubs and discos in Thailand and has one of the more varied and extensive leisure nights in Asia.

Party in Bangkok

best thailand nightlife
Bangkok At Night

You can go out for drinks in the many bars or lounge-bars that are scattered throughout the city, have a cocktail in one of the bars located on the terraces of the skyscrapers and admire the views of Bangkok, enjoy the discos and clubs until dawn, or hang out in its red quarters.

There are bars for all tastes; from the backpacker area of Khao San Road, such as Shamrock or Gulliver’s, passing through the countless sports bars and Irish bars where you can eat a good hamburger, watch sports, play pool, enter into deals with some of the girls who are always hanging around there.

They have the most exclusive lounge-bars where you can have a drink in the most refined and elegant atmosphere.

A very interesting option to start the night is the bars on the terraces of some of the skyscrapers of Bangkok such as Vertigo or the Skybar of the Sirocco restaurant.

It’s worth going up for a drink to admire the views of Bangkok illuminated at night. Highly recommended although probably in one of these bars you are going to pay for one of the most expensive drinks in your life.

If you are into nightlife and you want to go out to the clubs to have some fun and socialize, enjoy good music, dance, and flirt to the fullest, Bangkok will not disappoint you.

The nightclubs in Bangkok and the atmosphere in them is the best that you will find in all of Asia. Bangkok is among the favorite cities of the best DJs in the world, who come to DJ very assiduously. Also, the good vibes that you are going to find when you go out to a party will positively surprise you.

Discos there are many and for all tastes. Some of the most recommended clubs are in the Sukhumvit area, such as Levels (one of the most fashionable nightclubs), Sing Sing or Narcissus, in the area of Royal Club Avenue (or RCA), such as Route 66 ( of the best of Bangkok) or the Flix / Slim, or in the Thonglor and Ekkamai area with clubs of “good people” where there are usually very few foreigners, such as the Funky Villa, Demo, or the Escobar among others.

For the rogues, there is the Go-Go scene. Bangkok’s red neighborhoods have become one more tourist attraction. The three most famous are the Patpong, Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy.

Bangkok’s nightlife meets the expectations of the most discerning partygoer. Going out in Bangkok is a unique experience that does not disappoint.

Pattaya City Nightlife

On any given night, Pattaya City offers it’s curious guest hundreds of opportunities to enjoy a beer or any drink of their choice, while surrounded by beautiful, available, sexy women or men living as women.

It’s your choice in Pattaya City.

There are beer bars, go-go bars, ladyboy bars, bars that have girls dancing some that don’t. Many bars have girls around for company and others don’t.

It’s a unique place with regards to the bar and red-light scene.

Pattaya is a bit reminiscent of Florida. A city that has grown along its beach, with tall buildings, many hotels, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. It is a large city with all the comforts expected of a city of its size.

In general, it is relatively well maintained and its reputation as a dirty city is undeserved, the party area and its surroundings are well used by the end of the night but that doesn’t stop the local clean up crew from going to work and having it ready for the next evening’s festivities.

Pattaya City beach is a work in progress. The local government is constantly making upgrades to Pattaya Beach. It is an extremely long beach that can accommodate several rows of shaded deck chairs and plenty more room to sunbathe and beach activities.

best nightlife in thailand
Pattaya City Bay

Pattaya Beach at Night

Pattaya’s red-light scene is no secret and it’s on full display as soon as you enter the more touristy parts of the city.

It’s quite impressive and shouldn’t be underestimated. It has a way of making rich men poor and in more ways than just monetarily.

In a few places in the world are there as many “working girls” per square meter as in Pattaya. It seems that bar girls and working girls have taken over this city.

The city is full of working girls and if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed.

This place is full of drinking establishments and there are more here than probably any other party city in the world. These bars are part of the landscape of the city and are integrated into it as if they were normal coffee shops.

Most of the bars are open spaces and walking down the street you see the girls who work in them scantily clad dancing and making beckoning and provocative gestures to any man who passes by.

You see old white men enjoying beers at odd hours of the day accompanied by pretty younger women, and ladyboys stocking any man mercilessly that makes eye contact…

The city offers a very unique and mostly friendly atmosphere. Fun and excitement can be found around every corner for a guy or gal that’s adventurous enough to embrace Thailand’s Sin City.

Pattaya’s Working Class Girl

As you walk after midnight without a female company along the beach promenade or the “Walking Street” with every step you take there’s an opportunity at a night of excitement and pure bliss with one of the thousands of Pattaya’s working class ladies.

“The Walking Street” is the most famous in Pattaya and where the nightlife of the city is concentrated. It is a pedestrian street where there are only bars, restaurants, gogo bars, massage places, and discos.

Walking Street is a good place to start the evening if you’re new in town. From there you can branch out to Soi 6, 7, 13, LK Metro, or the many bars and massage shops along the 2nd road.

The party gets started early evening and runs into the early hours of the morning. My best advice is to visit Pattaya City with an open mind regardless of your purpose of visit.

It’s a very fun oriented city but it may not be everyone’s Forte’.

Bangkok vs Pattaya Conclusion

Bangkok nightlife is simply as exciting as any other town, in fact, more exciting than most beach towns. The only downside to Bangkok nightlife is that it is not a cheap city.

However, if you have the money to spend, I think Bangkok will make a very good nightlife considering the caliber of people you are most likely to meet as friends.

On the other hand, Pattaya is where everybody wants to visit. From the high-class to the low-class tourist. This city has carved a name for itself as one place to visit if you want to have an all-around fun – Day or night!

The truth is, both cities are just great for visitors and it will be a shame to come to Thailand without visiting any of these cities or spending some days there.

Even though I like Bangkok with its high brow areas and that it has more working-class people living there, there is not much fun during the day as when compared to Pattaya which has more beaches and lots of red-light districts that makes you wonder if night ever falls on the city.

So the next time you hear the question is Bangkok vs Pattaya better for nightlife just remember that the question can only be answer by the one spending their money!

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