Medical Tourism In Thailand – Best Places To Get Treated 2021

Medical Tourism In Thailand

Medical tourism in Thailand has become a viable alternative to the western cost of healthcare. As the costs of healthcare and health insurance rise in the United States, more and more people are turning to international health care facilities to help reduce the cost of expensive medical procedures. This phenomenon has been termed “medical tourism,” … Read more

Pattaya City Beach 2021 – Thai Massage, World-Class Golf, and Beautiful Beaches

pattaya city beach

Pattaya City Beach is a very famous resort city in Thailand. You can find this city on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometers from Bangkok. Pattaya has a tropical climate and the weather is temperate there making the tourists comfortable all throughout the season. You get plenty of sunlight for sunbathing … Read more

Useful Travel Tips For Pattaya Thailand That 1st Timers Should Know

tips for pattaya thailand

These travel tips for Pattaya Thailand are for anyone who truly embraces this fun-packed city attracting millions of visitors each year, it is a place where sometimes the normal social rules do not apply. It can sometimes be easy to forget whilst on vacation to be aware not to put yourself in a position that … Read more

General Health While in Pattaya – Helpful Tips and Advice (Updated 2021)

general health while in pattaya

There is a lot you can do to help yourself on any vacation to Pattaya to look after your general health. Most common infections can be avoided by the use of basic hygiene and having the necessary vaccinations. General Health While in Pattaya should be a top priority. Pack enough supplies of prescribed medicines that … Read more

Pattaya Sex and Travel Guide For First Timers: A Quality Travel Guide – Updated 2021

pattaya sex

This is a short and practical Pattaya Sex and Travel Guide for First-time visitors. Almost everybody has heard about Pattaya and it’s world-renowned nightlife. Hundreds of bars, restaurants, and clubs line the busy “Walking Street,” also known as “The Strip”. Being so renowned Pattaya is very crowded, especially at the top of the season, still, … Read more

Pattaya Beer Bars and Go Go Bars – Pattaya Nightlife Explained – A Quality Info guide: Updated 2021

pattaya nightlife

There are two main staples of Pattaya Nightlife Entertainment. Beer Bars and Go-Go Bars. Beer bars in Pattaya are everywhere. They line the streets, hosting 10, 20, or even 30 different bars. Normally, they are open-air bars, with a roof but no walls, although many of the individual bars are on the ground floor of … Read more

Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2021: Will Covid-19 Vaccine Save Thai Tourism?

Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2020

Pattaya City has taken a serious hit from the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you’re here now, you understand and if you’re at home waiting for flights to start again, you’ll definitely notice when you get back. Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2020 isn’t the same as in years past and may not be for some time. Many bars, … Read more

Cool Pattaya City Thailand Daytime Activities and Hotspots – Updated 2021

pattaya city thailand

Pattaya City Thailand is the ultimate rollercoaster of a good time. There are also tons of things to do in Pattaya City Beach beside the hundreds of beer bars and gogo bars. That’s if you can scrape yourself off the floor of your condo after last night’s banger early enough to hit up a few … Read more