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Krabi Thailand is one of the most popular tourists destinations with one of a kind spectacular scenery. Extreme limestone mountains raising many hundred meters up in the air and have become a symbol for this part of Thailand. Krabi also has almost 100 islands, many are truly fantastic and have very beautiful beaches. Krabi is a province in southern Thailand with a population of far more than 400,000.

In Krabi, you will not find any sunbeds on the beaches or any water attractions such as jet-skis, or likely since this province is a native reserve protected area. Everything here just breathes nature and many people who come here don’t just lay around but also discover some of the many magnificent places.

Krabi Town has about 30,000 residents and is set in the north of the province and since there is an airport here this province is very easy to get to. The most famous places in Krabi are Ao Nang and Koh Lanta. For info about Koh Lanta please visit the Koh Lanta page.

In Krabi, you will be able to find peaceful beaches as well as crowded destinations with great shopping. And apart from that Krabi offers many adventure possibilities such as amazing caves, diving, temples, hot waterfalls, and much more.

The prices are in general slightly lower than on Phuket on most destinations around Krabi.
Most of the people living in Krabi are Muslims which can be seen by their outfits and you will also at some parts be able to hear the “adhan” which is the Islamic prayer that is sent out in speakers in the populated areas but for example, in Ao Nang, there are no such speakers set up.

In this part of Thailand, bargirls are not as common as on some other destinations.

The Krabi airport is now longer than it was a few years ago, meaning that bigger aircraft can use the strip for landings and takeoff. The airport is situated just about 15 km (9 miles) from Krabi center and the roads are good so the drive only takes a few minutes.


In Krabi, you will not have any problems with getting a ride. You find regular taxis as well as songtaews and in the Ao Nang area, the same tuk-tuks that are found in Phuket are getting more common.

Remember to always have the price set for your transport before you take off, this is only to prevent you from getting a price you did not expect. Normally it is cheapest to use a taximeter if possible.

You can also rent a car or a motorbike to explore the areas by yourself. Remember that the traffic is probably not what you are used to and accidents are common.


Weather For Krabi Thailand

Krabi – The weather seasons here are very much like in Phuket.
The best season to visit Krabi if you want sunny weather is between December and April. These months are considered as dry season and the temperature is normally just above 30 degrees. In Mars and April, the temperature rises and can go up to about 40 degrees, and with high humidity, this is very hot.

The ocean temperature is also about 30 degrees all year round but with some variations depending on season and winds.

The months that are most likely to have heavy rainfall are May and October to November. In the summer month, the weather can be very good but also very bad. Many people tend to think that the rain season equals rain every day and all day long. That’s most certainly not the real case even though there can be periods of nonstop rain there are often periods with very good weather as well.


krabi beaches
Poda Island

The most famous beaches on mainland in Krabi are:

Tup Kaek – This beach in the north of Khlong Muang is 1 km (0.7 miles) long and is set in the district next to Ao Nang called Nong Tale. This beach is extremely quiet and you will probably be able to walk the wide beach all alone at times.

Since the water is very shallow the differences between ebb and flood is extreme. The water is usually very safe here all year round thanks to the shallow water. Along the coastline from Khlong Muang beach and up there are mostly very exclusive resorts other than that there is minimal commerce.

Klong Muang – Situated on the far western part of Krabi and the district are called Nong Tale and is the neighbor district to Ao Nang. This beach is about 3 km (2 miles) long. A beautiful and natural beach with minimal people if any. The shallow water makes it safe usually all year round.

This difference between ebb and flood is dramatic and in the middle part of this beach, there is an island with the name Koh Kwang that is reachable by wading in the water, and sometimes you do not even have to step in the water to get to it.

Along this coastline there are some luxury 5 star resorts and no shopping or other things are available. Some small food places are to be found. South of this beach is a royal residence (Princesses Residence) but before reaching that there are some hidden beaches to find.

Nopparat Thara – Just a few hundred meters from Ao Nang is Nopparat Thara beach. It is only separated from Ao Nang by a big cliff. This beach reaches almost 5 km (3 miles) along the shore but is divided by a 200 meters (600 foot) river in the middle section.

The far southern end of this beach has resorts and in the high season some shopping, bars, and restaurants along the straight beach road. The beach is at flood very narrow and almost does not exist while at ebb the beach is quite wide.

In the north of the southern part of the beach close to the river, there are some small islands, and when it’s ebb there is no water between the mainland and the islands. To this part of Nopparat Thara, a lot of Thai people use to come and enjoy the surroundings and in low season most people seen at Nopparat Thara are Thai who want to relax after they finished the work.

Ao Nang – The busiest beach west of Krabi Town. This location is full of tourists all year round and the feeling of Ao Nang is very different from most tourist locations. Here you do not mix with the Thai people at all and the complete area is built for tourists.

Sunset Ao Nang

The beach is at flood almost not existing and at ebb the beach gets wide. The beach is less than 1.5 km (1 mile) long and is set below the road. There are no restaurants or sunbeds anywhere on the beach which aside from the wall alongside the road are completely natural.

Even though Ao Nang has a lot of tourists the beach is almost completely empty aside from the far south end where resorts are close by the beach. Tourists tend to use Ao Nang as a base and then go to other paradise beaches such as Riley Beach or any of the fantastic islands that are within a few minutes reach by long-tail-boats that depart regularly throughout the days.

Ton Sai – A beautiful beach right south of Ao Nang and north of Riley. Even if this beach is not set on an island it is reached by a long-tail boat from Ao Nang and it only takes about five minutes. The beach is only about 500 meters (0.3 miles) and the stunning view of the mountains will take your breath away. Spend a day here or stay at one of the resorts.

Riley – The famous Riley Beach with the fantastic scenery is set in between rising mountains and with water, on both the east and west side this paradise beach is not known worldwide for anything. The beaches are about 600 meters (0.35 miles) long and offer plenty of resorts for all tastes and I wide range of restaurants. The west side is far more beautiful than the east side.

Even though these fantastic beaches are not set on an island you reach them from Ao Nang by long-tail-boat and it only takes about five minutes.

Pra Nang – On the south end of the Ao Nang district this beach is set right next to Riley. It is not on an island but anyway has to be reached by long-tail-boat from for example Ao Nang. If you are on Riley Beach you can walk here on a path right along the base of the rising mountains. This beach has a very limited range of restaurants and tends to be more expensive. At the beach, many long-tail-boats often offer food, fruits, and drinks.


Many beautiful and spectacular islands are within reach from Ao Nang and the rest of the Krabi areas. You reach most of these by booking a long-tail-boat either with your own personal driver who takes you where ever you want or by going along with other people.

You will also find agents selling tickets where you can go by a speedboat and trips with a day plan to see several islands.

Koh Poda – This amazing island is set about 5 km (3 miles) away from the coastline of Ao Nang. You get here by long-tail-boat which will depart from Ao Nang. Either you go with others or you can rent e personal driver and then it all up to you.

The small island has about 1.3 km (0.8 miles) or pure white sand beach on the east and north side. The island rises well over 150 meters above the ocean (500 feet) making the scenery flawless. On the west side the island forms caves to explore.

Koh Gai / Chicken Island – About 1 km (0.7 mile) south of Koh Poda this island is located. With a narrow beach in its pointed north end this island has more rocks and cliffs by the shore. The shallow trail leading north to Tap Island is a sight that will blow minds away.

weather for krabi thailand
Mountains Near Krabi

Tap Island – Just little bit more than 300 meters (1000 foot) north of Chicken Island two extremely small islands are set with a 120 meter (400 foot) long beach in between. A very spectacular scene and with the crystal clear water on the sides this is by many people referred to as true paradise.

Bamboo Island – 25 km (15 miles) from Ao Nang another magic pear rises above the surface. Bamboo Island is 600 meters (2000 foot) long and has beach line all along the east coast. As many of the islands in this region this too is stunning with the crystal clear water, white sand in contrast to the green forests on the mountain.

Phi Phi Island – Almost 30 km (20 miles) from Ao Nang you find Phi Phi Islands which are Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. With amazing beaches and scenery as a postcard with the classic rock formations rising up from the water this destination is one of the most amazing places there is.

This famous island got a big buzz after the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio and this is with no doubt the most famous island in this area. The biggest island, Phi Phi Don, offer a wide range of resorts restaurants and also a big night life. The island has plenty of beaches and great mountain views.

Phi-Phi Dons most famous beaches are Ton Sai Bay, Loh Dalam Bay, Loh Lana Bay and Loh Ba Kao Bay but there are plenty more wonderful beaches. The most famous sites on Phi Phi Leh are Maya Bay and Pileh where the last mentioned one is not a beach but a lagoon situated 500 meters (1700 foot) in from the open water with high mountains along the sides. At the most narrow part it is only 60 meters (180 foot) between the walls.


Krabi Town is a very popular town. Spending time here is very nice and some people actually like it that much they use it as their base. A few markets in different sizes are found in this small town with about 30 000 people and also some shopping malls. The traffic lights are held by statues that look like ape-men and the town over all is something a little extra from many other towns.

Tham Seua (Tiger Cave) – Just south of Krabi Town you find this temple area with an old cave with an amazing story to tell. Tons of monkeys live here and this is all very interesting and beautiful.

Tham Phet (Diamond Cave) – Some km (miles) north from Krabi Town and Ao Nang you find this cave. A deep cave with minimal tourists where you will be able to borrow a flashlight from one of the few monks staying here and see the walls inside just sparkling from diamonds(?). This is not a big tourist attraction and you will probably have to wonder around in the cave all alone along with some bats and who knows what else.

Hot Springs – About 40 km (25 miles) south from Krabi Town a small place is located where you can bath in hot springs and enjoy the nice scenery.

Hot Water Waterfall – About 60 km (40 miles) south of Krabi Town there is this wonderful place with a hot waterfall. Walking the path to the waterfall from the small parking where you can get a meal you will be able to hear gibbon apes making the hollow sounding sound in the bamboo woods. Sit down in one of the natural formed cups in the waterfall or take a swim below in the much more cold water.

Reindeers and Small Green Lakes – In the same area as the hot waterfalls there is a park with very green lakes where you can go swimming and there is also a kind of reindeers (Kwang) that lives here.


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