How to Get Around Bangkok Easy: Travel From Bangkok To Pattaya Beach Thailand Best Way- Updated 2023

Bangkok’s transport options range from the Skytrain, metro, taxi, tuk-tuk, motorbike taxi, bus, and even commuter boats. Traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya is quite easy and can happen from the airport and from a few different bus stations located throughout the city.

Traveling around the city can be done more ways than you might think. Buses are ubiquitous and cheap but because of frequent traffic congestion journeys may take some time to complete. The orange-colored air-conditioned buses are the most modern, comfortable, and the best for tourists.

Even though the networks are limited both the Skytrain and underground offers the quickest means of getting around the main city streets and offer excellent connections to the business and entertainment districts.

There are three interchange stations, but the Skytrain (and the subway) use different names for each, Sala Deang (Silom), Asoke (Sukhumvit), and Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park). To get from one system to another may require a bit of a walk.

Taxis and Tuk Tuks

Metered taxis are plentiful in Bangkok and very good value but ensure the meter is switched on before moving off. Taxis come in all colors from two-colored blue and red and green and yellow to bright pinks, greens, blues, and reds they all have an illuminated ‘taxi meter’ sign. For both short and longer journeys, taxis offer incredible value for money with the basic flag-down fare of only 35 baht.

Tuk Tuks and motorcycle taxis are numerous and a ride on one of these can be an unforgettable experience. Negotiate the price before accepting the lift as tuk-tuks particularly may be more expensive than metered taxis. Be wary of motorbike taxis as these can be quite dangerous. They are the quickest and cheapest way about the city though.

Bangkok Canals

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In the very recent past, Bangkok had an extensive network of canals (or khlongs) so much so that it was given the name Venice of the East. Unfortunately, many canals have fallen into disuse or have been filled in or covered over to build roads.

But a trip on the Chao Phraya and the Saem Seab canal commuter boat is inexpensive and beats the traffic-clogged roads. So-called ‘long tailed boats’ are cheap and can be privately hired for sightseeing. But agree on a price before stepping into the boat and pay at the end of the journey.

Bangkok Buses

Bangkok’s bus travel is quite an adventure. The bus network is extensive and the fares cheap, there are many different classes of buses though. Green mini-buses and the red and white non-air conditioned are cheapest, with the blue air-conditioned buses being slightly more expensive.

The orange-colored ‘Eurobuses’ belonging to the Bangkok council are the most expensive but also the most comfortable. The others can be very grueling rides at times. The small green buses are best avoided as they get very, very congested even at off-peak times, neither do they offer a great deal in the way of comfort.

Travel Outside Bangkok

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To travel further into the country there is a large network of inter-city and inter-province buses. The VIP service offers a fair degree of comfort and a hostess service again these are remarkable value for money.

The State Railways of Thailand has an extensive network that serves major towns and cities with express and sleeper trains. It also provides a rather more sedate local stopping service. Fares even for a first-class sleeper compartment are incredibly cheap as compared to the west.

A good network of frequent domestic flights, trains, and coaches link Bangkok with all main cities, towns, and resorts. The entry of low-cost airlines like the award-winning Air Asia, in the past few years, has increased the choice of flights and destinations and considerably reduced domestic airfares.

Best Ways To Travel From Bangkok To Pattaya

One hundred forty-seven kilometers southeast of Bangkok is Pattaya City, one of the most important cities in Thailand. Its beach is not incredibly beautiful, and it does not stand out as a good beach destination if what you want is to enjoy a relaxed family vacation by the sea. 

However, it offers a wide range of accommodation and outdoor activities, in addition to the wide range of nightlife in its many places of gogos, cabarets, services and various shows that open at nightfall and that are well worth a visit. It’s just a unique city to have some fun.

From Bangkok, there are several options to get to Pattaya. Buses, trains, taxis … In this short guide, we’ll explain all the forms of transport available to get to Pattaya:

From Bangkok to Pattaya By Bus

The route From Bangkok to Pattaya runs a large number of daily buses leaving from the three main bus terminals and Suvarnabhumi Airport:

1. From the East Terminal in Ekkamai: daily buses from 05:30 to 23:30 every 30 minutes. The price of a 1st class ticket costs around THB 120. This is the best choice for a budget traveler staying in central Bangkok who wants to get from Bangkok to Pattaya in a timely manner.

2. From the van terminal in Mo Chit: departures from 05:30 to 20:00 every hour. Price 130 THB.

3. From the South Terminal (Sai ?? Tai Mai): daily departures at 05:30, 08:30, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, and 18:30. The 1st class ticket costs about 130 THB.

4. From Suvarnabhumi Airport: Roong Reuang Coach Company offers direct transfers from the airport. They depart daily from 07:00 to 22:00 with a frequency of 60 minutes and a price of 120 THB

In Pattaya, these buses have two stops along Sukhumvit Avenue that runs through the city.

2nd class tickets are also available that do not run on the motorway and make several stops along the way. The price is around 100 THB, so this option is not worth it as it takes much longer to arrive.

However, it is a good option if our final destination is Jomtien beach as these buses arrive there after stopping in Pattaya.

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How to get to the hotel from Pattaya bus station

After 2.5 – 3 hours, the bus will drop us off at the bus terminal located on The Nord Pattaya road 4 km from the main Pattaya beach. From there we can take a private taxi to our hotel or a songthaew that will drop us off on the beach road for 25 THB.

From Bangkok to Pattaya By Van

Vans are a faster method of transportation than buses (approx. 2 hours), and some of them offer a convenient door-to-door service instead of having to travel to the bus station. There are two kinds of vans leaving from Bangkok:

1. From the new van terminal in Mo Chit: They leave from early in the morning until late at night once all the seats are filled. The price is 150200 THB. It is important to ask the van driver where their arrival point is in Pattaya since each company is different.

2. From Kao San Road: we can buy tickets at our hotel or the tourist agencies in the Kao San area at 400 THB with the advantage that they will pick us up and drop us off at our hotel.

Taxi or private transport

Probably the most comfortable and fastest option is to take one of the thousands of taxis available in Bangkok to our hotel in Pattaya. Many taxi drivers will be happy to take you and charge you according to what the meter marks at the end of the journey is, which will be between 1000 and 1500 THB. And to this amount, we must add an additional 60 THB of tolls.

Another option is to hire private transport directly from your hotel or hire a private car with any of the many tourist agencies scattered around the city. The standard price for transport to Pattaya by car is around 1500 THB and 2000 THB by van.

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Train from Bangkok to Pattaya

Traveling by train is by far the cheapest way to get to Pattaya but also the slowest with almost three and a half hours of travel time. On weekdays, there is a single train that runs the Bangkok – Pattaya route, departing from Hualamphong Central Station at 06:50 and arriving in Pattaya at 10:18. 

The train only has 3rd class seats without air conditioning at a price of 31 THB and tickets can only be purchased directly at the station ticket offices. There is no service between these two cities on weekends.

How to get to the hotel from Pattaya train station

Upon arrival in Pattaya, the train will drop you off at either of the two train stations in the city, both on the west side of Sukhumvit Avenue:

1. Pattaya train station: this is the central station and is located about 3.5 kilometers from the center. To get to your hotel, you can use one of the songthaews that await the arrival of the train and leave you anywhere within the beach area for 30 THB, or you can take a motorcycle taxi for 50 THB.

2. Pattaya Tai train station: located 3 kilometers south of the central station near Jomtien beach. You can get to your hotel by Songthaew or moto-taxi at a similar price as from the Pattaya train station.

There is no best way to enjoy your ride from Bangkok to Pattaya, even the cheapest way which is by using the local train also comes with its own advantages even though the air conditioning is absent but you still have the opportunity to see the wild Thailand including its vast vegetation and beautiful scenes during your 3+ hour ride.

And if you decide to go by van, you can call on the transport company to pick you up from your hotel without you needing to rush through the ever-busy streets of Bangkok to book a ride

Getting Around Bangkok and From Bangkok To Pattaya Conclusion:

Bangkok is a crazy city to transit across or around for the first few times, especially if you’re not prepared. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on how easy or hard it is to get around Bangkok and then on to Pattaya City once you’re ready.

If you’d like to read more about what city has the more crazy nightlife, check out our article Bangkok vs Pattaya here.

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