Thai Ladyboy – Who Are The Ladyboys Of Thailand? An All-Around Complete 1st Timers Guide

thai ladyboy

Thailand is famous for its Thai Ladyboy. Depending on where you are traveling in Asia, ladyboys are also referred to as kathoeys, katoeys, and even baklas (in the Philippines). This is a term that you will likely hear a lot and if you don’t know what it means, you could find yourself not only confused … Read more

The Ladyboys of Thailand: Ultimate Thai Ladyboy Guide 2021

ladyboys of thailand

Have you encountered any Ladyboys of Thailand on your travels to the Land of Smiles? In this world and age, the term Ladyboy is very common in Thailand and it is frequently used to define men that have turned themselves into women. Thailand’s casual and tolerant attitudes towards “the third sex” have led to the … Read more