Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2023: Will Covid-19 Vaccine Save Thai Tourism?

Pattaya City has taken a serious hit from the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you’re here now, you understand and if you’re at home waiting for flights to start again, you’ll definitely notice when you get back. Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2020 isn’t the same as in years past and may not be for some time.

Many bars, restaurants, hotels, and go-go’s have already closed their doors for good. Not all, plenty are desperately trying to hold on until the tourist train starts running again. Pattaya is a resilient community but to take away its main source of cold hard cash and it begins to change business owners and working people’s world for the worse.

Will Pattaya Beach Thailand Nightlife Survive

It’s really quite desolate in some of the tourist zones and on Beach Road through the week. The weekends do come alive some with Thai’s coming down for the weekend from Bangkok and beyond. There’s some action on Walking Street and Soi 6 and even Soi Buakhao but when the tourist stopped coming, the business started to slowly cease until you could consider Pattaya a ghost town compared to its former self.

Even in later years when you would hear punters say that “this is the slowest low season I’ve ever seen”.

I don’t think they saw Covid-19 coming.

Pattaya is a party city and that still holds true during the current Pandemic. The bars, restaurants, hotels, and clubs that can weather the storm are open for business. There are more businesses open in Pattaya than there are customers, drinkers, diners to go around. By a long shot.

So if you’re reading this and are in the country, come and have a visit to Pattaya. Businesses are open. Maybe not as prolific as pre-covid but the party is still on here in Pattaya. The girl’s, beers, and food are still here. You may have to look a little harder for exactly what you’re looking for. Or maybe not.

How Is Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2020?

If you’re coming down for Red Light fun then it just may be your time to shine!

Think about it! Imagine a Pattaya with many, many beautiful available young and mature Thai ladies eager to make your dreams come true! 🙂

Red Light Nightlife in Pattaya at the moment is a punter’s dream! Bars full of gorgeous ladies with no “handsum” man to treat them right!

It’s no secret that if you’re in Thailand right now that Pattaya is the place to be if you’re in the business of getting you’re Red Light Fun for bargain-basement deals. Money’s tight around Pattaya right now but that doesn’t mean the girls are!

The ladies are begging you! Come to Pattaya!!

When Will Pattaya Nightlife Return, If Ever?

Tourists from China and a few other countries are beginning to trickle in. A 14-day quarantine and Covid test prior to and multiple tests during your stay are required to get in the country right now. If you can afford the quarantine and the STV or “Special Tourist Visa“, then maybe give your nearest Thai Embassy a call and see what they say!

There are already reports being circulated online about tourists testing positive for Covid after several days in quarantine. Be warned! Going into 14-day quarantine doesn’t mean you’re coming out on day 14…

pattaya nightlife
Pattaya Beach Sunset

Early on the Thai media made it seem like the Chinese and the STV were going to save Thailand from the Covid blues but the Thai media also said only 2000 STV’s were issued so we can surmise that the Chinese probably won’t be saving the day this time.

I can understand if you have a business or family here in Thailand and going through state-sanctioned quarantine is the only choice to get in the country. As for a regular person with no ties to Thailand, I would probably wait until the country was more accepting of general tourism before I made the trip.

Mandatory state quarantine is quite the stretch for a person just to come to Pattaya for some Red Light Fun in my personal opinion. But then again it could be a great Youtube series if you’re into that!

Covid-19 Vaccine May Be The Only Way

There is hope for international Thai travel! The fresh news on the wire is saying that there are two very promising US produced Covid-19 vaccines that could be put into circulation soon! So for you Americans, I’m really hoping you can get back in before March or April but that may still be a long shot at this point. Only time will tell.

Optimism will only get you so far during a global pandemic especially when some people are still having trouble grasping that large portions of the world’s population are in the midst of a terrible health emergency that’s taken hundreds of thousands of lives.

What Pattaya Beach Nightlife Areas Are Open For Business

There’s actually a little bit going on in all the popular Pattaya Beach Thailand nightlife areas. It’s quite spotty between businesses and bars at best. Lot’s of closed up shops. All you need is still there just not at the numbers like before the closing of borders.

Your best bet for visiting Walking Street on the weekends. Live music is still billowing out into the Soi’s from a couple of bars but overall it’s a sad state of affairs most nights of the week. A few high-end GoGo’s and clubs like Insomnia are still fighting the good fight but you can tell by one look that it’s been a struggle.

Thai festivals have reinvigorated the tortured tourist town to an extent. There have been a few bigger weekends that have been a breath of fresh air for the local vendors. Domestic tourism is starting to slowly rebound but Pattaya will never return to its former self without a few planeloads full of Farang and Indians!

The Night Wish Group is still operating a few bars on Soi 6 and maybe LK Metro or Soi Diana. They have had to consolidate a few locations, I know for a fact. Luckily, you can still find many Night Wish Girls along Soi 6 if you need some company or are just out looking for a drink with a good view.

pattaya beach thailand nightlife
Pattaya City Bay

Things That Aren’t Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2020

Although Pattaya is known as the raunchy city that attracts mostly single males, there is a quieter side that is often overlooked. Families are still drawn to the area for its water-sports, great beaches, and superb seafood restaurants.

Strenuous water-sports, as well as sailing, snorkeling, and swimming, are the main activities off the beaches, but you will find many people just sun-bathing after a hectic night on the town on the following beaches and islands.

South Pattaya

This is the hub of Pattaya’s nightlife with bars, discotheques, nightclubs, cabaret shows, restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, and beauty salons. This is also the part of the city that gives Pattaya Thailand Nightlife its raunchy reputation, but if you want good eating, you will find it here.

Jomtien Beach

Just south of Pattaya, about 2 kilometers., Jomtien Beach is quieter and slightly more family-oriented, with good accommodation and good restaurants, especially for seafood. It is Thailand’s top windsurfing area and is becoming more and more known for the quality of its water sports as its long, straight coastline and the fewer craft operating in the area allows for more freedom.

Naklua Beach

A few kilometers north of Pattaya this beach with a small fishing harbor catering to a local community that earns its living through fishing, is a much quieter spot. It has fewer restaurants than either Jomtien or South Pattaya and it lacks the raunchy and loud nightlife, making it the favorite sport of those seeking a tranquil holiday.

Bang Saen Beach

Approximately 13 kilometers From Chonburi and famous for the quality of the seafood available from the vendors along the street. Thai style snacks like fried squid, mussels, spicy fish cakes, and pomelo salads are the most popular.

Offshore Islands Around Pattaya

Koh Krok

The smallest of the islands visited by tourists, this covers only 0.05 square kilometers and is a good spot for coral viewing.

Koh Sak

A tiny island shaped like a horseshoe, it has two beaches and is also a good island for coral viewing.

Koh Larn

Also known as Coral Island, Koh Larn was one of the first islands to be popularised by tourists. Reached by tourist boat in 45 minutes or by speed boat in 15 minutes. Glass bottomed boat trips to view the coral, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and paragliding are the activities most popular, but the seafood restaurants on the main beaches are an added attraction.

pattaya city
Offshore Koh Larn

Ang Sila

Ang Sila lies about 5 kilometers from Chonburi and is one of the oldest resorts in the area. This fishing village is famed for its handicrafts, especially its animal sculptures (elephants, horses, tigers, etc.).

Pattaya Beach Nightlife 2020 Conclusion:

It’s extremely hard to predict the future of Pattaya and its crazy nightlife scene. If the business doesn’t pick up soon even more proprietors will have no choice but to throw in the towel and call it quits. You can only keep eating expenses so long before you just have to face the reality that there is no immediate future in the tourism business in Pattaya City and other means of providing for oneself will have to be found.

In a scenario where international tourism never returned to Pattaya City, you can imagine it wouldn’t take too terribly long before it gradually morphed back into that relaxing and tranquil fishing village that it was once before the Americans arrived.

As an avid Pattaya City Beach fan and citizen of Earth who wants the best for Thailand and it’s citizens, I respect Thailand’s attempt to keep the virus at bay and I hope once it’s safe to do so that it’s as simple to travel back as a tourist to Thailand as it was pre-Covid.

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