Hot Sex In Bangkok – Where and How Much?

Are you searching for Hot Sex in Bangkok? Men on the hunt for hot young Thai prostitutes flock to Southeast Asia by the millions every year. Bangkok specializes in hot sex.

Seriously, there are thousands of available Thai girls ready to please.

Bangkok is a cultural phenomenon. One of the most attractive Asian cities, it’s a magnet for tourists and sexpats. Be it shopping, sightseeing, touring, partying, mongering, or any other kind of fun that you want to have on a holiday, Bangkok has it all for you.

It has some kind of addictive power that will mesmerize you with its compelling and intense aura.

Bangkok tourism is hot and happening with every year a record number of tourists pouring into the city (it receives the highest number of tourists in the world, next to London) to enjoy the slice of its cosmopolitan culture, numerous tourist attractions, cultural landmarks, famous nightlife, and world-renowned Red Light scene.

In spite of rapid modernization and urbanization, this city has wonderfully preserved its ancient tradition and culture.

Where To Find Hot Sex In Bangkok?

Bangkok has a reputation for dishing out sex in just about any form imaginable. Basically, if you can dream it there’s a beautiful Thai girl ready to take your money for you to experience it.

Bring your kinkiest, dirtiest, most held tight fetish and there’s a great chance you can find someone who specializes in exactly what you’ve needed your whole life.

You can visit fetish bars, beer bars, gogo bars, girlie bars, hotel bars, or any bar that suits your style actually, and there’s a high probability there will be working girls around.

Sometimes the girls are employed by the bar and in other establishments, the girls hanging around are just freelance prostitutes and are looking for dates.

You can visit many, many massage parlors that offer the total package meaning after a thorough massage you finish the session with hot passionate sex.

You can also order a girl up online through a Thai Escort Service.

Many men like the anonymity and privacy of using an online Thai escort.

Meeting Thai girls for hot sex in Bangkok is easy as long as you brought a few baht to keep the girls happy. As the saying here goes “No Money, No Honey” and they mean it.

If catching your date in the wild is more your style, there are plenty of Freelance Thai hookers walking Sukhumvit Road, Patpong, Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy.

These nightlife areas offer a plethora of Freelance girls who may offer a bargain compared to Bar girls, Agogo girls, or massage girls.

What does Hot Sex In Bangkok cost?

A freelance streetwalker or freelance bar girl could cost you anywhere from 700 baht and up depending on her looks and your looks and also what kind of crazy shit you’re asking her to do.

Picking up a Bar girl will cost you the “Bar Fine” plus what the girl is charging for the service you desire. A Bar Fine is the amount you pay the bar for taking the girl out of the bar.

Bar fines can run anywhere from 300-400 baht and up depending on what type of establishment you’re visiting. The more high-society the bar or club is the more the Bar Fine and cost of services will be.

Full sex services start at around 1000 baht on the lower end and can run up to 5,000 baht or more. There’s always a little room for negotiation if you think a girl is trying to take you for a fool but barter too much and you’ll be seen as a cheapskate and not worth bothering with.

Hot sex in Bangkok can come at a bargain or an extreme expense.

Agogo Bar Cost

agogo dancers

Agogo Bars are really great for cutting loose while visiting Bangkok.

Agogo’s usually have 20 to 30+ girls on stage in various stages of dance, undress, and sexiness. It can turn into quite the lovefest between dancers and clients.

It’s quite the thrill if you’ve yet to experience one.

Bar fines, liquor prices, and the price of sexual services trend higher in many Agogos but you’re rewarded in most instances with younger girls, sexier girls, and a wilder time overall compared to a standard Bangkok pub or bar.

Staying Safe While Hunting Hot Sex In Bangkok

However and wherever you meet the girl/girls you plan to enjoy your Bangkok holiday with be sure to always wear a condom.

Most girls will absolutely insist that you do these days but there are still plenty of working girls that will fuck you bareback for a few more baht.

To each, their own, but plowing Thai prostitutes without a condom isn’t the smartest thing I’ve heard a guy do. Seems like you’re asking for a bad time going about it like that.

People come here to Thailand and think that the girls are tested for sexually transmitted diseases when working in bars but overall that’s just not true.

There might be a random bar or agogo owner that requires it but that’s almost unheard of.

It’s not required because prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand. There are no regulations in the industry once so ever.

So take my advice and wear a condom when searching for Hot Sex in Bangkok with the “ladies of the evening” here in Thailand.

Why Is There So Much Hot Sex In Bangkok?

Bangkok has had the reputation as the Sex Capitol of the World for a very long time. I don’t know if it was a foreign influence or if the Thai girls are just happy and love to fuck.

I’m going to guess it’s a little bit of both and that’s good for all of us.

It will only take one trip for you to understand what I’m trying to explain to you. Thai girls are wild and ready for Hot sex in Bangkok today!

Book that flight and start looking for that perfect Hotel Room and before you know it you’ll be up to your eyeballs in ready and willing hot Thai pussy.

Don’t take my word for it and come and see for yourself.

If you’re interested in learning about Thailand’s Famous Nightlife and Sex industry please check out our link here.

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